Toshiba TG01 with Windows Mobile 6.5.3 appears at CES

Just imagine that you are Microsoft for a moment and you are just about to release a version of the much talked about and much awaited Windows Mobile 6.5, that also made it touch friendly for once.

Ok so like all WinMo versions before it you are of course relying on carriers and manufacturers to wage an inexcusably slow, incomplete upgrade campaign. Wouldn’t you think that burying your head in the sand with regard to its launch amongst the sea of more interesting products may be a good idea?

Well that is the way Microsoft have decided to go, by very discreetly showing off a Toshiba TG01 and Pharos Traveller loaded with the 6.5.3 with tiles along the bottom.

It also has finger friendly adjustments throughout the UI. As far as we can work out this is what the 6.5 should have been, we would assume that even though this isn’t very pretty this may be a case of function is at least earning the money in an attempt to trump form. Source – engadgetmobile.com


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