Video: Touchscreen Insight from MOTO

If you’ve ever wanted to test the performance of your touch screen mobile phone but didn’t want to have to go through anything complicated the video we have for you today may well offer a more simple solution.

The video which can be viewed below comes courtesy of engadget and delivers a DIT touch screen analysis, whereby Morgan from MOTO development crew shares some insights on how to compare existing touch screen devices available on the market.

MOTO is a group of people who help companies from startups to Microsoft with product development and have put together a simple test so you can measure the accuracy of your handset with just your fingers and a basic drawing app.

The simplest way to do the test is to open a drawing app and slowly draw diagonal lines across the touch screen. He sows this using the iPhone, the HTC Droid Eris, the Motorola Droid, and basically the iPhone and Eris do fine but the Droid shows a waviness which shows there is a certain inaccuracy; so check out the video below.