Google Nexus Two follows One, physical keyboard

Is there a brand new mobile smartphone coming soon, you now have the Google Nexus One and apparently a successor called the Nexus Two is being talked about.

This is all rumours of course and we found this rumour via Techtree, the new “Enterprise” edition of the Nexus One Google phone could be coming soon and will feature a physical keyboard, and of course a new name that could possibly be the Nexus Two (well this is what you would think).

Andy Rubin, Google’s Mobile Chief has said that there will be the Nexus Two is indeed in the pipeline, the physical keyboard will be somewhat like the Droid. Who will make the new device? Will it have a new operating system? When will it release? So many questions

Please let us know what you think of the above and we are very intrigued, do you think it will be called the Nexus Two or something different?


2 thoughts on “Google Nexus Two follows One, physical keyboard”

  1. Roarke says:

    I am a very rabbit g1 user and I love android. The droid kind of disgusted me. Sure it was the latest greatist, but the keyboard felt like crap and the thing felt like cheap plastic compared to a g1. (And I have heard people call the g1 cheap plastic haha)
    The way it slides open and closed doesn’t seem right and the keyboard itself felt stiff and inarticulate. I type on my g1 all the time to the tune of thousands of words! I want a good keyboard!
    Id love to have a nexus one but even if I got one id keep my g1 around and put in the sim card when I wanted to do some real typing. How lame would that be. Htc is still developing the phones, no? Use a good keyboard!
    Don’t say it’ll be like the droid…
    Makes me sad…

    Waiting for the nexus keyboard, or at least android on better hardware with a keyboard,

  2. Evan says:

    i have a nexus one and a g1…… the nexus one with a physical keyboard would be the ultimate smartphone and set it so far above any other competition….

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