Could Your Finger Charge a Mobile Phone Battery?

So you’re out and about and when you go to use your mobile phone you find your battery is dead, so what do you do? Well how about simply whipping out your battery, slipping it onto your finger and twirling it around a few times for some charge.

A neat idea with this concept reported on by design.fr, the concept has been designed by Song Teaho and Hyejin Lee whereby to charge your mobile phone for a few minutes all you need do it swing it round your fingertip a few times which apparently would give you enough charge to make a call or send a text.

According to the designers, if you spin the battery round roughly 130 times you should get enough charge to last about two minutes of talk time.

In the past we’ve seen wind up gizmos and the like but nothing quite like this mobile phone battery concept, and apparently it doesn’t necessarily have to be just mobile phone batteries as the same concept should work with other batteries as well.