Google not qualified to sort complaints with Nexus One

Perhaps Google was in too much of a hurry to get their latest Android superphone, the Nexus One, out to the masses, and the smartphone dubbed a superphone by Google is receiving numerous complaints over performance by users.

According to an article over on ecommerce-journal, Google has turned out to be quite “incompetent” in solving the performance problems for customers. In most cases with subsidised mobile phones when thing go wrong the user turns to the operator for advice.

However, as Google is offering the Nexus One direct to the end user, those end users are turning to Google for a fix to the performance issues and unfortunately Google doesn’t have a qualified customer support in place that mobile phone users are accustomed too.

Apparently Google will only accept email queries from customers, and then the response received by the customer is that Google will reply in a day or two, which most customer’s who are complaining online say is far too long.

Also Nexus One owners are also turning to HTC and T-Mobile and not receiving a great deal of help with T-Mobile referring customers to HTC or Google, and HTC referring them back to T-Mobile.


6 thoughts on “Google not qualified to sort complaints with Nexus One”

  1. Google’s approach on the face of it seems really progressive, offering some affordable options for a highly featured phone.

    The real shame is that it does not seem enough or any testing of the service has been done prior to launch, and the focus was probably just on the tech and testing handsets.

    Mobile handsets are so important to everyday lives now as communication tools for voice and data that it was amazing that they could be so naive and miss out customer support.

    This is definitely a learning experience for Google and let’s hope they quickly realise what the important element of customer service that they left out initially with the Nexus One launch, and put in place some resource to support users.

  2. Andy Whitmore says:

    With all the hype about the phone its to be hoped it lives up to its reputation and not be a waste of time and money.
    I for one would like to get my hands on one so I could do a laymans review of it.

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