The BlackBerry Tour2 9650 on its way

It would appear that we are getting near and nearer to the release of the awaited BlackBerry Tour 9650.

The guys over at CrackBerry were able to get their mitts on a Verizon inventory screenshot which shows Tour2 dummy units. Okay so it doesn’t guarantee that it wil be released soon but it is never the less a good sign.

BlackBerry Guru Salomondrin claim that it will be released on February 3rd which is only a few weeks away. This does seem feasible and he is usually a reliable source it is however, still hard to say for sure at the moment.

It would certainly be a great way for Research In Motion to kick off 2010 when you take into account how well the BlackBerry Bold9700 did at the end of last year and the Tour2 is said to have many of the same features. Source – berryreporter.com


2 thoughts on “The BlackBerry Tour2 9650 on its way”

  1. Tony says:

    I hope this does come out Feb 3. I need a blackberry tour by March. So this would be perfect.
    Just to think just last week I almost brought the Tour 1

  2. Connor says:

    February 3rd would be a dream come true. My upgrade is the 7th. I’m still using my good ol’ first generation Pearl, but this would be nice. Guess we’ll see.

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