Verizon’s Palm Pre & Pixi to come with more memory?

You may or may not already be aware that Verizon is getting the Palm Pre Plus and more than likely a Plus version of the Palm Pixi will follow early thi8s year.

Well, apparently there has been spotted a leaked spec sheet that may well have been outed by an insider that shows us some really juicy information about those two upcoming devices.

The spec sheet itself is really exciting as it shows the onboard memory for each of the WebOS handsets. As we are all fully aware our Sprint Palm Pre devices have just 8GB of memory and the Pre Plus heading for the Big Red will have double that at 16GB inside memory.

Sprint’s Palm Pixi has just 4GB of internal memory and the Pixi Plus will have 8GB of onboard storage. It will also have Wi-Fi which is something else the Pixi on Sprint doesn’t have. Source – mypre.com

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