Worlds Most Rugged Mobile Phone Broken at CES 2010

Okay, so you are a reporter for the BCC doing the rounds at CES 2010 in Las Vegas and you happen across the Sonim stand which offers what is supposed to be the world’s most rugged mobile phone.

So the reporter does what is necessary and reports on the handset and is then basically challenged to do his worse with the handset to see if he can break it.

The Sonim CEO say the rugged handset can be dropped from at least 10 stories, dunk in water up to 20 feet for half an hour, you can even hammer a nail with it as the rugged mobile phone is “unbreakable.”

He then says if the reporter can find a way to break it they will give him a free phone. So what happens, the reporter whacks the handset against a fish tank and the screen breaks. So much for Sonim’s “unbreakable” phone; the BBC has a video available to view so if you wish to see it hit up here.


One thought on “Worlds Most Rugged Mobile Phone Broken at CES 2010”

  1. GM says:

    It is amazing that if you see the video, still the phone works. And anyway Sonim phones are covered by a three year unconditional warranty, which other phones don’t have.