Burglar gets caught by Android Smartphone Backup

Okay so lets for a minute presume you are a thief, of the burglar variety, if you break and enter a home would the first thing you do is pick up the homeowner’s Motorola smartphone and start taking pictures of yourself?

Well according to an article over on engadget, two young Portland criminals did exactly that, unfortunate for them as they were unaware that the smartphone they were happily clicking away on was an Android with Lookout, a free Android application.

And the thing with the Lookout application for Android is that it automatically backs up all photos to a server, and as the criminals images were stored on said server later that day they were the owner had enough evidence to give to the police.

Perhaps one day thieves will realise that when you break into someone’s abode, don’t play with their smartphone. Okay I am now off to download Lookout to my Android handset lol.

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