Is the LG Xenon Too Difficult to Use?

It appears that although the LG Xenon handset offers the user an abundance of great options, Steve Anderson of mobilewhack is having exceptional difficult getting the LG Xenon to work and says the learning curve is a profoundly steep one, and a steeper one than he’s ever seen before.

Anderson states he hard a really hard time getting the LG Xenon to work, and doesn’t really know what is wrong. The LG Xenon looks great and has loads of features, but could be the most difficult mobile phone he has ever used.

The LG Xenon is a slider type handset which houses a full QWERTY beneath its display and sports a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, geo-tagging and delivers up to 4 hours talk time on a single charge.

But for some reason the LG Xenon seems way too difficult to operate, although he doesn’t offer any specifics other than the handset may just be a whole lot more complex than anyone would wish to try taking on.

Any of our readers have an LG Xenon and experiencing the same thing, if so drop us a comment.


4 thoughts on “Is the LG Xenon Too Difficult to Use?”

  1. Klaus Schumann says:

    I can share the same experience. I am not sure if the people designed the phone ever used their fingers. I thought I could give the phone to my wife but there is no way that she ever would understand it. I am a gadget guy but may return the phone to AT&T for something more user friendly. For example: I want to go to D in the name listing. The letters are so small that I end up and C or E and can’t scroll up or down to the D names. So far I have not figured out if it synchronizes with Outlook.

  2. bluemeate says:

    the user interface is complete shit.
    things like text or finding a number in your phone book that should only take like 1 or two button clicks to get to take like 3 to 5 steps to complete which is terrible after taking into account the unresponsiveness and laggyness of the phone. many buttons such as call, or camera dont work on the task manager screen. the alarm clock takes one button to turn off, but 2 very small ones to snooze… just many many many small problems with this phone that have outweighed many of the problems with my other phones

  3. ali says:

    my contract is running out and i want this fone (mainly coz it comes in blue) where the hell can i get one?? its not even on da lg website?!?!?! help

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