This Year Could See 5 to 6 Million Nexus One Sales?

Apparently, Barclays Capital analyst Doug Anmuth predicts that Google could well sell 5 to 6 million of their latest Android superphone, the Nexus One in 2010 only, reports an article over on unwired view.

Although if the Google Nexus One did hit 5 to 6 million in sales in 2010, it still wouldn’t compare to the purchasing frenzy that was seen with the iPhone, but it would make the Nexus One the best selling Android based smartphone to date.

But even in 2010 with iPhone sales predictions of some 30 million, the Nexus One still has a long way to go to get even close to the popularity of the iPhone.

Of course selling even 5 to 6 million Nexus One units means big bucks come rolling in, but that doesn’t mean Google gets the lions share as there is HTC to think about as they do manufacture the handset.

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