New iPhone 4G 2010: France Telecom May Release Launch Date

Now there are rumours and then there are big RUMOURS and now it seems that France Telecom wants the next-generation new iPhone 4G in 2010.

Apparently and according to The iPhone Blog and of course they think it’s crazy as much as we do that the new iPhone will come sometime in May, well come on normally Apple release its device in July so what makes you think it will be in May.

We reported earlier that KT in Korea might possibly have a June launch date and now France will have a May 2010 launch date, you got to love all these rumours. If they are not rumours then all good one of them has to be right surely, but our guess is that the launch will be in July like normal.

Quotes over on TiPB that has been translated by iphon.fr say: “Apple to launch a new iPhone in May”, Apple will launch, in early may 2010, a new version of its iPhone, as we heard from some mobile operators.” And “It will be the fourth version of the well known smartphone launch on the 29th of June 2007. A way to counter the Google attack”

Apple never change what they have done previously so to suggest a May or June launch is very unlikely, July has always been the month and cannot see Apple changing this, unless they have something up theirs sleeve to counter punch the Google Nexus One Phone.


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