New iPhone 4G 2010: KT Korea June Launch

The all new and hopefully named iPhone 4G is expected to be launched in Korea 2010, in Korea KT is the exclusive iPhone distributor.

According to Telecoms Korea Apple has already signed a deal with KT to launch the new iPhone 4G 2010, KT is possibly thinking about adding a new mobile-TV service through the new iPhone. New features, which we have mentioned already will feature better battery life that will apparently double that of the 3GS version and hopefully will feature two-camera modules (One at the front and the one on the back).

KT plans on offering a test model of the new Apple smartphone to corporate customers somewhere between April or May as a trial service, KT is not sure if they will offer FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) service to general customers as of yet.

The new iPhone 4G like the 3GS will be produced in China as normal, as soon as we get more information on the new iPhone we will let you know. Please do post any comments you have about the iPhone 4G in the area provided below.