New Apple iPhone 4G 2010 Release Date, Features and Rumours

The new Apple iPhone 4G 2010 has had a lot of speculations of late including its specifications and release date, what we do know is that there will be an announcement of its launch on January 27th.

Over at Geek Smack one of its readers claims that they have had their hands on the new iPhone 4G and they sent some information that is quite interesting to say the least, Apple is apparently launching the new iPhone on July 4 2010 or somewhere around that date. This would all make sense really seeing as the device normally launches in July, but we knew this already.

Some of the new features are rumoured to include a much better and improved battery life, which could give you around 14 to 16 hours talk time and internet time, the iPhone will be thinner and much lighter than the 3GS, there will be the addition of zooming in and out via the camera and video and that there will be an LED flash with the camera.

Other features mentioned include a much improved and more accurate GPS with a feature called “breadcrumbs”, the 3GS version was about 50 to 100 feet accurate whereas the 4G version will get you to a destination within 5 feet, the “breadcrumbs” feature will trace your path so without the GPS on it will find you way back, yes it will leave little dots on the road apparently.

The antenna apparently will be improved as well on the iPhone 4G, which will give you better reception and less dropped calls. The tipster did say that they used the 4G iPhone on the AT&T network. We will obviously keep you posted about launch, release, price and all things surrounding the new iPhone 4G 2010.


41 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone 4G 2010 Release Date, Features and Rumours”

  1. jordan says:

    i heard is going to have a camera infront of your phone right above the screen that way you can chat to people and talk to them like you have a web cam

  2. Attila says:

    AT&T revised the contract and the iPhone will remain exclusive with them. I am actually very happy to hear that and the service will get better.
    Also the rate plans have gone down in price as well =)

    I have been with all the carriers and to this day, I like AT&T much better then any other company. Glad that the iPad is also in this category.

  3. Scott says:

    I have also heard 64Gb of flash memory, ARM Cortex A9 dual-core processor with possibly multi-task functionality, 5mp camera, 802.11n wifi

  4. Paul Samuda says:

    Ive heard that you will be able to open a can of baked beans with it….. it will walk your dog

    Lie to your girlfriend and tell her that you are at a conference instead of out with the lads

    ….im so excited

  5. Tara says:


  6. alex says:

    all iphones look the same so whats all the build up for, they need to try something new.

  7. johny bravo says:

    i heard it will have a water cantine app in case you get lost in the dessert. can’t waittttttttttttttttttttt..

  8. MS girl says:

    I’m currently eligible for an upgrade, but I’ve been advised to wait on the new updated phone! I read that you estimate it will come out in July, but do you have any idea as to how much it will cost? Will it replace the 3GS’s cost of $199 or be ungodly expensive?

  9. Lee Robinson says:

    I cant wait, my life revolves around my iphone. I cant live without it.

    I know i’m sad but hey, who cares!

  10. dingledongle says:

    I heard that it will have a shaver attachment, also it will allow the attachment of a chicken rotissary.

  11. sumbodi55 says:

    Not only that, but the airplane app will be able to fly you and a companion anywhere in the universe in 15 seconds.

  12. Dani boy says:

    you will also be able to heal the sick with the new iphone. The anointing will float out of the speakers and Bam! People will get healed. The new iphone will also have healing Bliss Shikka babba applications. It Sure will help you get to the 3 heaven and to the Glory real,
    Much Bliss and Glory to u all! Shingli dong

  13. I Sheep says:

    I heard it will be shit like the other i phones, but loads of sheep will buy it.

    Its funny when people go, oooh i hear it will have a camera in front aswell for video calls!! like thats new…

    Buy a samsung phone, dont be a sheep.

    1. iphone guru says:

      and be frustrated all the time ?

      dude lol all samsung phones suck , they try waaaayy to hard to be like the 3 year old iphone . when apple released the iphone , they left the industry at a stand still . and had engeneers and other manufactures standing in front them wondering " how did they do that ?" and even at that ! there are still manufactures that cant figure out how the hell apple built there machine. trust me i kno since i used to work next to a verizon stand , customers would flood in to cancel there accounts and rush to att to get them . AND to top it all off , verizon is only getting a cheap version of the wack 3GS ( with OS 4.0 updated on it)version of the iphone . ATT on the other hand will get the brand spankin new one everyone is wondering about . See . people dont understand that all these manufactures are NOW starting to come out with phones that can COMPETE with the iphone . 3 YEARS LATER ! . the iphone is old . just wait till the new one comes out this summer , your going to see people kill eachother just to get it . =)

  14. Stuart says:

    there wont be a new iphone in the summer the new release in july is the operatiing update for the 3gs so you cna have multifunctions unlucky guys

  15. Iphone Convert says:

    Isheep Obviously you don't have an Iphone. I have had samsung and Nokia phones in the past and they are rubbish compared to the Iphone. I was never a fan until i got one, now i will never go back to anything else whilst they keep bringing out better and better versions of the iphone.

    1. kukunanalilikuku says:

      haha… my sister got her first blackberry at 5 and she changed to iPhone when 7 years old..

  16. Twig says:

    I heard the new htc smart phone is faster than the i phone and if it got into a fight with it, it would knock it bandy.

  17. Lisa says:

    I heard that everyone dosent know what its about yet and keeps guessing but does anyone know the release date?

  18. ipacco says:

    just got off the phone with att warranty department as i was having problems and was trying to resolve and issue with my girlfriends phone. I litteral just asked him and he about pissed himself because he had just gotten the confirmation right before lunch on the release date of the phone. he was so excited that he honestly wanted to go home from work because that is all anyone in the office has been wondering for ever now. But got a date for you guys and yes i too am excited.

    June 6,06 lol that's 666
    Im not really going to give you guys the date. You can call yourslef. haha

  19. ski holidays says:

    I was pretty blown away by the speed change when I swapped my girldriends iPhone 3g for my 3g S – the slightly better camera is no big shakes but the 32gb memory fits pretty much my entire music library on plus a lot of pictures…
    … but iPod replacement is really not the point any more…
    … I thought 32gb was always going to be enough memory in a phone until I started to use the iPhone as a laptop replacement a lot of the time… the truth is that when a phone is this good, it takes over work you would do on other devices, not merely camera and mps device convergance onto the phone, but now also email and web browsing…
    …we already made a mobile version of our ski resort guide http://www.sno.mobi because mobile-web is fast catching regular web…
    If the 4g has genuinely fast mobile broadband and 2core processing, then all you need is more memory and you can lose the laptop… … what next?
    … when you realise that an iPad is just an iPhone with bigger screen, you can see where we're headed

  20. Mike says:

    AT & T is the worst company out there. They are taking the unlimited plan away while making the 4G much more data hungry. Lets just look at the Droid phones and other companies. I for one would love to see At&T simply go away, forever.

  21. Niomi says:

    im just getting an i phone for the first time and my network advised me to go for the 3gs rather than iphone 4 as ive never used one befor. which would you recommend?