New iPhone 4G: Release Date and 2010 Expectations

There are so many questions surrounding the all new Apple iPhone 4G, its release date and expectations, so shall we look into them a little. 2010 is supposed to be the year this all new Apple smartphone will release and it will have better features.

Apple has a press event on January 27th and we are all expected to see the unveiling of the new iPhone 4G, Ars Technica had news sent in from a tipster saying that the iPhone 4G is an announcement focused on mobile devices.

It seems that a deal with Verizon is not going to happen and that Apple wishes to stay with AT&T, please remember these are just rumours but we will definitely keep you posted, could this be down to the fact that Verizon’s ads like the Droid campaign killed the hope of the iPhone with them.

We have mentioned that the Verizon iPhone will have a Qualcomm chip; we have even mentioned that there will be a CDMA iPhone in 2010. Now read on to see what sort of features is expected to hit the iPhone.

The new iPhone 4G is expected to feature a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, which will help low-light picture-taking abilities, improved SGX545 graphics processor core, compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics API, OpenCL and OpenGL 3.2, improved battery and OLED screen, we also mentioned not so long ago about the new iPhone featuring 64GB NAND flash memory, and could there possibly be a front-facing camera. As soon as we hear more about the specifications we will let you know.

Phonesreview.co.uk readers wish list for the new iPhone 4G include: new design, front facing camera, better camera w/ flash, cheaper monthly plans, longer battery life, changeable backgrounds instead of the plain black, Office Mobile Type of Software, HD video playback, HD video to TV out, direct movie downloads to iPhone, on Verizon network, the list goes on and on, see what our readers have said here.

Now the possible release date of the Apple iPhone 4G would have to be July 17, seeing as we have had the 2G, 3G and the 3GS all releasing in July it would obviously be a release date of July 2010 as well. As soon as we here more information about the iPhone 4G we will let you know, in the meantime please do use the comments area below and let us know what you think.


91 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G: Release Date and 2010 Expectations”

  1. s says:

    The new iphone needs decent bluetooth. not just some crappy disabled thing that wont allow you to connect to any other phone other than an iphone.

    Although I love my 3gs, I can’t live without bluetooth so use my old sony ericsson to bluetooth stuff to others.

  2. SMIAH says:

    I would really like to see cheaper price plans on the New Iphone. Decent bluetooth, Cheaper apps, 64gb or 128gb hard disk & possibly an 8 megapixel camera.

  3. dan says:

    s, why not just install iBluetooth for your iphone I can send anything to anyone with this app I know its not installed by default but do some searching.

    1. DrBanner says:

      Dan, your talking out of your ar5e. The only way to send files via bluetooth to ANY other device is by jailbreaking your iphone. iBluetooth doesn't exist.

  4. j says:

    I have a 3G, and waiting for a new iphone to be released as i dont wanna get tied into another contract with a 3Gs and then have to wait untill that ends for the new Iphone ‘4G’. I would like to see a new design and even faster that the s. Also a better battery life would be nice. Flash would be a brill idea. I know there is an app for sky news and sports tv, but maybe a possible sky tv link, so you can watch tv on the go. 🙂 cant wait for new iphone

    1. nina says:

      my dad is also waiting for the new iphone as he also does not want to get tied up in the whole iphone 3gs thingy! and he thinks exactly like u ( more battery life and tv etc….!) 😀

    2. Raj says:

      New iPhone 4g is coming out on june 15,2010…you could pre order on apple store.
      New iphone plan for att&t is $15/month data plan and $30/month data plan they have 2 plans for data.

  5. Craig says:

    Apple need to sort out a deal with Flash, more and more websites are using Flash and it’s real pain wen you can’t acsses these sites  on the iphone….. Has Appel even looked into this problem ??? With the release of the ipad soon I hope it’s going to b sorted…

    1. amanda says:

      I read somewhere that Apple will not do a contract for the flash for iphone because apple wants developers to use the new HTML5.

    2. You can't get Adobe Flash on any phone. I think it will be impossible! So I really doubt the new iPhone 4G will have Adobe Flash. I'll be surprised if it will have Adobe Flash.

    3. brandino says:

      the ceo of apple has a personal vendetta against the makers of flash. flash will NEVER be married with apple products for this reason.

  6. Bootie says:

    I am considering of buying 3Gs but hearing that the 4G is launching half yr later, shall wait and see. By e way, I saw the new pics of 4G phone, it does not look as pro as the current White phone though is slimmer. Hopefully, they will launch the white colour.. Like the above comments, Iphone really needs to improve its bluetooth function. Is so inconvenient when Iphone aren’t allow to share with other phones. Yes of cos with better camera function & flash would be great. longer battery life is also impt. Well, hope Apple is really looking into all these..

  7. TT says:

    I hope that the new one does not go for the design I have seen so far. I do like the feature that the new iPhone will allow multi-tasking, better battery life, and iChatting! I would love for the it to come out in more than one color as well.

    1. nina says:

      they are doing only white and black on the 3gs but on the new one apparently it is going to be squared and flat 🙂 and better battery life would be SUPPERB!!!

  8. Prasanjit says:

    I would want the iphone to be sold to all consumers via apple so that even the T-Mobile customers can use it. I am a T-Mobile user last 4 years and have a excellent plan which i cant leave. So Steve if your reading this, GET THE PHONE UNLOCKED TO ALL CONSUMERS, TRUST ME YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY AND BREAK YOUR OWN RECORDS.

  9. Daniel says:

    I would like to see holographic technology that can simulate a robotic servant to cook breakfast. I would also like to see a “pleasure model” input device to keep humans happy with a soft robotic hand that retracts. I would also like the new 4g device to diagnose illnesses by screening the owners urine for possible diseases, and the robotic hand could also conduct prostate examinations.


  11. hurley's a g says:

    this is sound advice hurley. without people like you, everybody would be paying extortionately hight amounts for their cell bill and not getting the service they are owed because they are not good of coverage area.
    thankyou for doing your service and please accept some internets.

  12. Kiwi says:

    Apple should go to Verizon for the iphone 4G…they would make soooo much money…AT&T service is horrible. I know so many people who have the iphone with AT&T and would leave immediately for Verizon..I can’t wait for this phone to come out..July is too far away!

  13. Christine says:

    I agree with Prasanjit IPhone should definitely do contract w/ t-mobile. GSM company has great plans, great costumer services…stay with AT&T, but add T-mobile on that…sprint I had before its terrible, terrible costumer service, plans…verizon I think is worse than sprint…at least of thousands of people I know 2 or 3 said that they like verizon because its coverage, but their costumer service are terrible to deal with. Others said that didn’t have choice, their companies gave them the phone, so, they don’t have to deal w/ cell bills…So rest of the people, moved to another company could not deal with verizon no more…

  14. I hope apple sorts out the phone so can use BBC iplayer, which you can get on other phones but not on my iPhone for some reason. Does anyone know if there is a fix to get iplayer on iPhone? I hope there’s app for it soon.!

  15. RR says:

    You can get the iPlayer on the iphone. Just go into Safari, type “BBC iPlayer” and then click the top most link. This should take you to the BBC Mobile iPlayer site.

    You can then click the “+” button in Safari and Add to Home Screen. The BBC iPlayer icon should then appear in your Home screen. Simples! 🙂

  16. Bridg8 says:

    I have the 3GS and it is a great phone. I switched from T-Mobile to AT&T which was hard for me because I had great service with T-Mobile. The 1st couple months I was disappointed with AT&T’s service. I kept getting dropped calls and such. Never a problem with the internet, texting, or apps though. Now that Apple has done several upgrades over the past couple of months the phone works great. Have not had any dropped calls or issues with the phone.
    In regards to the iPhone coming to Verizon, it will probably never happen. Sure Bill Gates would make a boat load more money, but Verizon would become a monopoly and that is not allowed. Verizon still has the most customers out of any phone company and if they carried the iPhone millions more would switch over. This would put the other companies out of business and create a monopoly. You think that sounds good, BUT in that case Verizon would be the only phone company choice out there and they could charge you as much as they wanted to for your cell package, internet, texting, etc. because they’d have no one to compete with. That’s exactly why monopolies aren’t allowed! They’d rip all of us off just because they could.

    1. Chris says:

      What do you think At&t is doing now with the iPhone they have a monopoly on it. Yes verizon has more subscribers but At&t is charging out the ass for middle class reception on the phone I have an iphone I say open it up to other companies. The amount being charged is ridiculous.

    2. guest says:

      I totally agree with you that would is what would exactly happen, in fact any company that would end up the only one available would make the prices go up. You make a great point.

  17. Bridg8 says:

    Ha! Sorry I did not mean Bill Gates! I re-read that and realized I’m a moron. I meant Steve Jobs. Bill Gates is already rich enough. Lol! Sorry for the typo. Don’t know what I was thinking. Thanks! :0\~

  18. logride says:

    Onething I think apple should really do on the 4g and even the Ipad is.
    #1. talk to adobe and get the contract to use flash player on Iphone/Ipad
    #2. Fix the short batt life on the Iphone if at all possible!
    #3. and integrate an all in one type of printing app for the Iphone/Ipad.
    that would make Ipad’s and iphone’s the best mobile device out there! IMO. and the bluetooth lol! that needs to be updated. Everything else they are doing is AWESOME! I am a 3Gs user with at&t and i love it. i switched from verizon whom I was with for over 5years!! the worst service I ever had was with verison!!! I have never had to call AT&T yet for any problem. I think apple going into business with verizon with the iphone and ipad would destroy what they have built with AT&T!! I am not talking about friendships in the work. like bridg8 said verizon would get to big and ruin these other companys, And then imagine how verizons already horrible service would get if they had iphone or the ipad on there network. ughh lol. plus i would never go back to verizon anyway lol!

  19. mario says:

    For all you in the UK i’ve just been into O2 to see about changing my 3g for the 3gs iphone. I was told to wait as in March the price for the phone and talk plans was going to be reduced. Does anybody else think with this the new iphone could be nearer to a release.

  20. Listen Craig,
    Ur a rtard… apple doesnt care about flash because the world is moving on to a much more efficent version of it that will be supported on the new iphone… he just adressed i at the meeting thing

  21. elmo says:

    hey everyone i have the 3gs with tmobile i got it jailbroken and i love it. Cant wait till this one comes out though. I hate att there service sucks!!

  22. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!! says:

    Cant wait but iphone, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO VERIZON!!!!!! the 4g should have good bluetooth, cheaper price, and removeable batterie, and also a microsoft word app to type documents on the go.

  23. gurudath says:

    i have no commnets about iphone…its simply fantastic…but except bluetooth..hopefully this 4G series includes blue tooth as well…if it is so..then iphone would be the best mobile in the world…thats no doubt about it..


  24. nedhenry says:

    Thank you for explaining to us how a monopoly works, bridg8. It was so confusing before. Now it’s so clear. Am I spelling monopoly right? Please help my feeble mind. Do you have any other big lessons for us? Why is the sky blue? How does soap work? Please make us smart!

    Actually, what already exists now is considered an oligopoly. The market is controlled by a small number of companies that are all largely aware of one another’s actions. Verizon getting the iPhone would not likely change that much.

  25. garrett says:

    you people are crazy. You have no idea what the amount of data usage would do to a verizon or a tmobile network. You should do some background on the amount of data the AT&T network services. More than all other carriers combined.. If the iphone was released to other carriers after a few months you would all be begging to be back on AT&T network as your download speeds and cell service would crumble.. Apple is smart and respects their product thats why they are sticking with AT&T.. Another note your cell bill wouldnt lower on another carrier they couldnt keep up with demand on the network and data charges would stay the same…..

  26. Jim says:

    I wish they would hurry up and announce it. I’m two months over due for an upgrade and just waiting for the latest model. I have a 3G iPhone and really need to upgrade.

    Shall I wait, or just upgrade now.

  27. Nav says:

    Hi all,

    Just got off speaking to the Carphone warehouse to upgrade. They inform me that the Iphone 4g is expected in July in the USA, no release dates for UK yet.

    He also mentioned something about the availability on HSDPA in the USA which will be important for the new iphone 4g. Apparently its still not nationwide for the UK or its still be rolled out across the networks.

    Hope this helps anyone waiting for an Iphone 4g….

  28. AnthLC says:

    I have 3g contract expires in Jan 2011, so interested in what Apple releases. Looking at 2010 with the HTC, google phones and microsoft mobile 7. I feel apple maybe making the same mistake they did with the mac and not capitalizing on a brillant product and taking market share. Look what happened to mac, microsoft released windows and it got progressively better until PC was almost as good and cheaper. Apple needs to make it cheaper, available to all network carriers, similar spec to the HTC or better. It needs to handle multi tasking, better camera, mobile me needs to free, allow fash enablement. I do hold believe in two years time iPhone will be history like the mac, but I love them to prove me wrong.

  29. whit says:

    bluetooth is crucial! I’m up for an upgrade but i’m holding out for apple to release something by next quarter. I’m not sure how the 4G is going to work out for either at&t or verizon, Sprint should jump on the iPhone when at&t’s contract is up since they already have 4G! AND CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MORE COLOR CHOICES!? A rainbow of iphones for all!

  30. speed_pour says:

    Wow, the sheer level of misinformed comments here is staggering, especially in regards to the various carriers.

    – People saying Verizon is the largest carrier…that’s only happened in the last year, and it’s because they purchased and merged their network with Alltel. Prior to this, AT&T was bigger. In fact, prior to the launch of the iPhone, AT&T was *STILL* bigger. To suggest that the only reason AT&T is still alive is due to the iPhone is wild ignorance.

    – Anybody slamming AT&T for service quality. Well, it might be bad for you, but I live on the West Coast, and it’s awesome here. Verizon is ok, but not as good. Sprint is a joke in my current area, and T-Mobile has barely existed until a couple of years ago. For years I’ve heard that Sprint is awesome on most of the East Coast. Fact is, it’s just a factor of location as to which one operates best, and it’s changing on a regular basis…If AT&T were so bad, maybe somebody should ask why they were still so popular even before the iPhone came out.

    – 4G Networks…thus far have been vaporware in the US and have generally been vaporware worldwide. The first country to deliver one is Russia, and they are still working out the kinks. Sprint was promising service to a couple of cities years ago, but they haven’t made progress in over a year. The same can be said for AT&T and Verizon. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but it definitely isn’t happening before the release of the next iPhone. For those thinking they might release the iPhone with support for the 4G support in advance of the network…well, Apple’s never had a history of doing that. They like to let other people test the technology and then jump on the bandwagon (despite the cults’ claims, Apple is rarely the leader on any tech).

    – HSDPA (also tied to HSUPA and HSPA) is *NOT* 4G. It’s an expansion of the 3G standard that allows for higher speed data (and that’s it). 4G is the successor to 3G and still works within the GSM family , but offers a series of improvements beyond just data speeds.

    – The reason AT&T is the sole carrier is because there was a contract for exclusive carrier rights, which Apple and AT&T both agreed to extend. This is well documented and published. Unless Apple wants to get tied up in legal battles, they will be the sole carrier for at least another year. Part of this contract calls for AT&T to pay Apple a large portion of the monthly income from Data Services on all iPhone customers, which is a HUGE profit for Apple. Despite that extra income, I do agree with many people here, it would be in Apple’s best interest to give that up in favor of trying to lock up market share on other carriers. Even if they didn’t have as much potential for profit, if they can lock more people into the Apple empire, they stand to maintain higher profits into the future (while I think it’s in their best interest, I really hope they fail at this, I dread the idea of Apple holding that level of control over the Cellular industry).

    – Don’t count on Apple bringing any Flash love to the iPhone. They’ve spent the last 3 years singing the praises of HTML 5.0 for video and multimedia and with pretty solid Javascript support. Between the multimedia and programability, all but the most challenging games are covered. Given that there’s rumors of Silverlight coming to the iPhone, that covers the game elements. The Flash format (in reference to games) is riddled with inefficiency issues and would run very poorly on any of of the first 2 generations of iPhone, and should still stall quite a bit on the 3Gs. Without a major RAM upgrade and the rumored dual-core processor, there’s no hope for Flash Games to run well on the iPhone. Asking for flash support on the iPhone is like asking for a Prius to pull a long haul trailer…It might be able to move it at a snails pace, but the first sign of a hill and you’re stuck. Apple’s belief is that if there’s something that doesn’t work well or is too slow, the user simply doesn’t need to do it at all. Count on it, Flash falls into the “they don’t need it” standpoint.

    There’s more I could correct, but I’ve become bored with this….

  31. carlyle says:

    ei guys can i use apple iphone here in the philippines?but then i bought it from hawaii at&t?can someone answer me please.thank you 🙂 i need you opinions.

  32. JP says:

    I am in a similar position to most people in the UK.

    I’m on a 3G and dont want to upgrade to a 3GS when the next iPhone is potentially due in a few months.

    If you look at the previous specs of the iphones as they have been released, you can see a natural progression with the memory.. so im guessing 32gb, 64gb, and maybe a 128gb but not too sure about the last one.
    The company who supply Apple their cameras for the iphone are making 5million 5 megapixel cameras to order.. half for the new iphone and half for the ipad.

    The next thing is that HTC desire will have an OLED screen and this is meant to be an iphone killer… so OLED is definetly on the cards.

    The idea of removable battery is totally doubtful.. it has been a problem for apple.. but if you look at the line up and where they are headed with the mobile market.. it just doesnt make sense to extend the life of the phone easily.. otherwise they would loose out on people upgrading… i just hope they use the battery technology that is in the latset macbook pro’s… to give it extended battery life.. that, i think is their hardest challenge.

    i would personally LOVE to see Apple sort out the Flash problem. more and more websites are using it and its getting annoying. I think “j” is right that with the release of the ipad… if they dont fix the flash issue.. or put another version of safari on the iphone which can translate flash.. then they are gonna have real issues to sell it.. but you know Apple… they just love for people to convert to iWeb instead of use flash! hehe..

    I would personally buy an ipad AND an iphone 4. There have been many jokes about the ipad being too big and linking it with an iphone… its not. its the answer to all those crappy netbooks.. the ones you get free (in the uk) when you sign upto a mobile broadband deal!!

    O2 and Vodafone are gonna have a field day signing people up to mobile broadband contacts and getting the ipad for about £100!

    ipad for the home.. iphone for the move.. you could store all music on your iphone and keep the films on an ipad for better viewing. looks like im gonna have re-code all my iphone movies for a better resolution.. damn it!

    Finally… i would like to see a new headphone from apple.. the in ear headphones are ok but i prefer the over the head “cans” hadphones and if they were to do a deal with someone like skull candy or sennheiser to intergrate a microphone on the cable… i would be so happy!

    Apple know what they are doing… trust me… they are going to re-take the smartphone market into their hands..

    Im a Mac.. and PC’s are not iPads!

    Rant over.


  33. ksmithy says:

    i so want this!!!! ;does anyone know how much it is in the u.k and when its going to be released in the u,k too?? THANKS! comment back to me

  34. the iphones needs : bluetooth from phone to phone , changeable ringtones from selected itunes playlist , better camera , longer battery life , cahngeable screen savers + backgrounds , needs to be louder without headphones in.

    with all these it will be the best creation ever.

  35. well….i’m with o2 in the uk and was about to upgrade to 3gs and was advised to go onto sim only deal and wait for 4g. Was paying £75 a month and £10 for insurance, 3000 minutes and 500 texts i think, i’ve moved to this deal called simplicity, 30 day rolling contract, unlimited data, calls and texts for £50 a month. I dropped off the insurance, i can upgrade if i lose my phone. £35 a month saving, I’ll save about £200 between now and August to pay for a 4g….result.

  36. O-guy says:

    Why do people on here insist on adding “Trust me XXXXX is going to happen” or “Trust me you will make money” eyc.
    Who are you? Why would we trust you? Most people on here talk utter cr4p and you are quite possibly one of them.

    IPhone 4 sounds like it will be a natural evolution of the 3Gs, better camera, better screen, bit faster and then perhaps a few other bells and whistles to keep up with (or ahead of) HTC and Android.
    It will be launched with all the usual fanfare designed to whip the fanboys into orgasm so they can tell the world how amazing it is and how you can’t live without it and when you question them you get called retarded for not appreciating the awsomeness of everything Apple.

    I’m not against the iPhone at all, I have the 3G and will upgrade to the 4G when it arrives but won’t get caught in the Apple hype and hysteria generated around it, if you build it up too much you may be disappointed when it arrives……

    Apple assisns are probably on their way to silence me right now for not typing in uppercase something like “The new 4G will be freakin awesome, you must buy it”

  37. Roosevelt says:

    I've had all 4 of the major US cell carriers and i have to say that Sprint is the best ive had. AT&T is terrible and expensive, plus they only have about 3 good phones ( iPhone, Backflip, and Desire). T-Mobile was just plain a crappy network. I could never go on the internet while riding in the car without loading a page in over 3 minutes. Plus phones werent that nice back then ( although they do have some pretty cool ones now). Verizon was better than AT&T and T-Mobile, but charged too much for service. Plus their customer service stunk worst than a sewer. I am currently with Sprint and Ive got to say that it my favorite carrier, period. The plans are inexpensive, data is pretty good (covered by Verizon), and call quality is amazing. Their phones are a little behind Verizons and T-Mobiles, but not by much. Although they are still better than AT&Ts (excluding iPhone). If Apple was to create an iPhone compatible with Sprints CDMA EV-DO Rev network, Sprint could rise to power in the carrier wars!

    1. SamG says:

      i had sprint prior to verizon. sprint does not know how to work with military members and deployments. while i was gone, my phone plan was on "hold" which meant i paid $5 a month for the phone. when i returned to the states, i called sprint to have my phone and plan reactivated. later that day, my phone was shut off. i called sprint to find out why, they said my balance was $180. confused, i questioned how my bill was that much. they then told me I was calling that day without a plan (ie. i was paying per minute of talking). I balked at this gesture and exclaimed i wanted and had previously requested my plan to be reactivated. they said they would take care of it and would not charge me for the phone calls. relieved, I was able to make calls again. however, I was shortly cut off from making phone calls again. baffled, I called once more to find out they didnt attach a plan… they just reduced the amount i owed to $120 which allowed $5 of talking room. upset, I called once more and got the same basic replies blah blah blah. that was the last day I ever used sprint. I also argued the amount I owed with the company until I was not required to pay anything anymore (5 months later), which required a lawyer to prove. in any case, I was always referred to a ESL representative which made things even harder. Sprints customer service and ability to work with unique situations and terrible understanding ensures me that Verizon is a far better customer service and customer relations company.

  38. Anne says:

    if the iphone had bluetooth that could connect to everything people could send songs they had bought off itunes to a load of people and therefore less people would need to buy off itunes…i doubt the bluetooth thing will ever be fixed because they dont want their profits the reduce….sucks i know

  39. rayquin says:

    I too agree with Daniel request for the new updates for the (4geewis) iphone that coming out in July? But does'nt the 3gs already have the prostate exam app available ( must be on vibrate mode ) ?????

  40. dmw says:

    is there any way that the new iphone will be able to teleport me to beach during work. i could care less about the other stuff… come on, teleporting app! not so hard for apple right, and maybe like an actual light saber and some other cool apps, and maybe a terabyte of space for the boat load of stuff… that's all for now.

  41. iphone man says:

    why is everybody so amp about this new iphone? ok it has a camera with flash so does any other phone , is that all it offer?? the screen is still small the speakers are still low and u cant bluetooth anyone?the htc hd3 that t mobile has is a great phone but its t mobile ,if at&t gets this i say the hell with iphone!!!!!

  42. I thought 32gb was always going to be enough memory in a phone until I started to use the iPhone as a laptop replacement a lot of the time… the truth is that when a phone is this good, it takes over work you would do on other devices, not merely camera and mps device convergance onto the phone, but now also email and web browsing…
    If the 4g has genuinely fast mobile broadband and 2core processing, then all you need is more memory and you can lose the laptop…
    … what next?
    a heads up display… and you've got a giant screen in your pocket too…
    … wow, now I can write docs etc with ease too (we aready have little rubber roll-out keyboards)…
    … when you realise that an iPad is just an iPhone with bigger screen, you can see where we're headed

  43. les says:

    i would the phone to have a flash and its missing again for the new phone now what the point of have HD when in the dark it dont work 🙂

  44. Hero says:

    It is real that iphone 4 can't receive the bluetooth or send. in my oppinion i think iphone 4 could receive bluetooth from other but is not importan to send to other

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