New iPhone 2010 Wishlist: Can it better the 3GS?

The iPhone 3GS has been available for a while now, and some say it is basically a replica of the iPhone 3G but with a few extra features, which can also be gained via iPhone OS 3.0 to the 3G, so basically the only advantage of having an iPhone 3GS is the speed.

Of course there is the better camera, voice control, GPS navigation, video recording with editing, but what is next in line for the iPhone range?

Although the iPhone 3GS is relatively new, it is never too early to look to the future and the iPhone 2010. There has already been speculation on what the iPhone 2010 will bring, but what do you the iPhone toting public what in the next generation iPhone?

So readers, we want to hear your “Wishlist” for the iPhone 2010, so feel free to drop us a comment.



69 thoughts on “New iPhone 2010 Wishlist: Can it better the 3GS?”

  1. Most items on the wishlist are software upgrades that we still might get with the current hardware. Background apps, better management of icons, adobe flash, customised lock screens, etc. The list at pleasefixtheiphone.com is pretty good.

    As for hardware; longer battery life is always desired. A flash/light on the back would be nice. A less slippery finish on the case. A TV tuner? FM radio. FM transmitter. Cordless charging. Changeable battery. Front facing camera. Extra ‘real’ button for things like the shutter release. Replace my TV remote control. Replace the mute switch with a better way of turning on silent. A hole for a strap. microUSB port. 1TB storage?? Titanium cover???

  2. vickyd says:

    I would love:
    longer battery life
    flash supported
    a different look (I know thats vague but I’m getting bored with the old design so anything new on appearance is good)
    4 megapixels (or more)
    stronger video editing (add special effects…)
    more networks supported
    ichat (so front facing camera)
    OLED screen

  3. mayo says:

    1.new design
    2.front facing camera
    3.better camera w/ flash
    5.longer battery life
    6.cheaper monthly plans
    7.changable backgrounds instead of the plain black
    9.warmer and colder operating degress

  4. mjdavis says:

    1] New design [Carbon Fiber Shell?]

    2] Better Camera w/ flash

    3] Longer Battery Life

    4] 4G support

    5] OLED Screen

    6] Flash Drive

    7] Adobe

    8] Office Mobile Type of Software

    10] Front Facing Camera

    11] Projector {http://www.gizmag.com/samsung-pico- projector-mobile-phone/10773/}

    12] Higher Pixel Density

  5. Mackinzy Silva says:

    I feel like I should test phones for a living because I have SOOO many ideas. I even drew a blueprint of the phone of 2015 where it has a perfume sprayer and mirror activation. For 2010 iPhone we will move slowly lol

    Customization: People LOVE customization as far as the shapes of the apps (hearts instead of squares or footballs, ect) Color and font options, blinking led lights (blue means missed call and red means text, etc)

    Warm Cold Settings like a hand warmer almost

    Screen Sensitivity: Let me use my nail! The backspace is overly used with people having larger fingers, please have the screen sensitivity high enough for nail typing like the Samsung Instinct

    Blackboard texting (Draw the letters with your nail and write out text message)

    Excel- like App (Spreadsheet)

    Speak to text, This will solve driving and texting accidents as well as have the phone read texts aloud. I mean, my 2004 phone had this, cmon iPhone

    Music composer, make beats and compose music on phone

    Multitasker: Have your one friend’s Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Text and e-mails all come up under their name without jumping from app to app: CONVENIENCE

    Drag around multi apps like the Palm Pre idea

    Create Avatars and turn pictures into cartoons

    Just let me create the next iPhone and everyone will be happy. I may even throw in a perfume sprayer

  6. Coolio86 says:

    I would like to see all of the following features on the iPhone:
    high quality front camera for videocalling
    oled screen
    5mp camera with HD recording and flash
    full flash support
    better graphics card
    faster processor
    up to 64gb still $300

    all the 2010 features
    1.4 ghz CPU
    better gpu than 2010
    better battery life
    On Verizon wireless
    4g and evdo on iPhone
    8mp camera
    HD video playback
    HD video to tv out
    virtual person in phone that talks to you and understands u
    high quality built in projector for watching videos or pictures
    direct movie downloads to iPhone
    up to 128gb for $400

  7. K says:

    What I really want is a written notification that I have mail. Just like missed call oe text. My blackberry from 8 years ago had this and we just got copy cut paste. We have put up with less for too long apple on the basics

  8. Idk says:

    iPhone will not be 4 verison or sprint du to contract they have Microsoft android. Diffrent signal ect.
    Like to see Cydia preinstalled on iPhone 512-256mb of ram to keep up with winterboard.
    Like to see apple have own network but won’t happen
    32gb $250-$200. 64 300-350
    free tethering

    Same size as 2g but more. Memory/ram/better CPU /better GPU

    iPhone can be put on tmobile AT&T and virgin mobile
    with unlock

    I like to see it waterproof with 4pix cam and Satalite signal 4gps and ect. Radio/walkie talkie
    text to speech /reversed

    $400 moble 64gb/ 2gb ram/dual -quad CPU/ Mac vertualization/addons portable projector to put on a wall.
    More like MacPhone

    Sry 4 bad spelling wrote on iPhone

  9. Rodolfo says:

    Mackinzy Silva obviously you’re not the brightest person here… the instinct does not have the same screen tech as the iPhone. the instinct is a simple touch screen interface like we’ve had around for years. the iPhone is an electron transfer screen… that’s why you can’t use styluses and that’s why you can’t use your nail. it’s not about sensitivity… it’s about electron transfer.

    and all these ideas sound good to me… except for the projector, if i really want to share something i’ll just bring my mac. and a perfume sprayer on a phone is the stupidest thing i have ever heard in my life… not to mention it just shows how lazy we’ve all become, we just want an all-in-one everything. how about a pancake maker on the iPhone 2010? OH, i know. an EKG machine in the 2011 version, for you know… the medical users.

  10. Frank Mentier says:

    I want cameras on both sides so i can video chat with other iPhone users and also and HD cam and HD screen and a little bit of a sexier sportier design

  11. david says:

    I still live in an area with no 3G on ATT.
    1. How about not charging super high rates on things you (ATT) don’t offer.
    2. Cheaper rate plans
    3. Cheaper rate plans
    4. Faster internet

  12. aires says:

    I think you’re looking at 4 main issues:

    1/ Removable battery – can’t see that happening.
    2/ Much better camera – maybe better but not much better. I see it struggling to reach 5mp.
    3/ Flash support – not ever going to happen no matter how long you wait. Not ever. Ever.
    4/ Size of the phone – I think the screen size will stay exactly the same BUT the phone will be slightly smaller (although slightly thicker).

    I can’t see a dual core processor because it would just basically make the phone too hot to function safely. I can’t see just what the next iPhone is going to offer in the way of innovation unless it’s a major overhaul of the os itself. We’re not going to see a 4G phone and we’re not going to see a HD phone (who seriously thinks there’ll be an iPhone HD, I mean seriously). And there’s no waaaaay you’re going to get an OLED screen iPhone in the next 10yrs. I just don’t see what’s going to come along that’s that new other than perhaps multi-carriers and a re-write of the os. [shrugs]

  13. Doofus says:


    Relax. Sylva is just being silly. You know of this concept?… “silliness”? Don’t be such an arrogant douche. I think that Sylva is using “sarcasm”. Just like I am.

    I personally thought that a compass was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of for a phone, but iPhone 3GS now has one. Oooooooooooo! I want a 3GS. Now!!! Take my 599 dollars Apple please!!! Here’s the Vasaline!!! I’ll take position 7 !!!

    Honestly, no matter what Apple churns out next, so long as it’s expensive and aesthetic, “Apple People” will buy them. 3GS is the perfect example. Nothing revolutionary about it. In fact everything that the iPhone 3GS has now, could have been available for Apple iPhone original if they would have done something revolutionary worth 600 bucks. Uhh MMS? Uhh video? Hrmmmmm, a stylus with a conductive tip so that “electron transfer” can occur for women with nails, Hrmmmmmmmmmm. You know? I’m gonna start making those if they don’t already exist. Replaceable battery… The list can go on and on. “Who cares?” is probably my biggest point. I’ll never buy apple again. They have an evil marketing strategy that doesn’t reward their customers, we the people who put money in Apples bottomless pockets. The only thing really revolutionary Apple has done in the last several months has come out with a product one year later that could have come out one year earlier while creating a pissed off customer base that’s still dumb enough to buy the new product. The 3G…. Speeeeed!… With Compass. Yeah! Triumph. Cooool. Whatever!

  14. Mackinzy says:

    Thank you so much for your inquiry RODOLFO…. Maybe you could reference back to the correct spelling of my last name since you are obviously claiming to be the genius here. Along with all of my CONCEPT ideas, I thought maybe the phone should fly and do my makeup as well, maybe you will have an opinion on that. I realize the Instinct and the iPhone are completely different, this does not mean it is IMPOSSIBLE to make the touch screen more sensitive so as a woman, it is nice to use my nails because it is more convenient. My suggestion is for my own convenience, not people like you that obviously spend too much time studying the dynamics of a touchscreen. It is 2010 almost, the technology and capabilities are out there, and I was just creating my own version of an ideal and outrageous concept cell phone. Go look at the concept phones, there a little more rediculous than the clever ideas I have come up with. Maybe you need a phone that turns into a vagina, because you seen angry about something, maybe you need to get laid.

  15. Mackinzy says:

    I don’t care that you spelt it wrong doofus, lol I thought it was the other guy. Thanks for clarifying a CONCEPT to that guy! 🙂 All jokes aside, if we all put our ideas together and Apple actually listened, we would have a remarkable cell phone here. Anyone want to start a new cell phone business with me? haha

  16. Nabz says:

    1. diffrent look

    2. slimer

    3. sterio speakers for ringtone quality

    4. profiles something like nokia

    5. multi task options

    6. faster modem speed

    7. include all the acsesories in the box.. atleast a car charger as wel has desktop

  17. Vix S says:

    I haven’t got an i phone yet, but I want one, because everyone says they are great, but with 3mp camera I am not really interested as I use my phone a lot to capture those moments when I don’t take a digicam with me (which is most of the time) Sony Ericsson have been my best camera phones – but they have had windows based software which keeps freezing and it drives me mad! I also want to get the iphone for the ipod features (music). SO all I want from a phone is:

    1. decent camera (at least 5mp though 8 would be a step up from what I have now) with flash and red eye flash
    2. palm style calendar (like the tungsten E)
    3. decent battery life
    4. text friendly
    5. and fits in my back pocket (so relatively small – like the sony C902)
    6. the ability to password protect sections of phone as well as phone incase stolen (double security)

    Oh and not to beable to accidently click through to the net when it is not free on your contract!! 😛

    That’s not much to ask… surely they can do that and dispense with all the other unused stuff they put on there!

    things I have found useful though from old phones have been : torch, compass, alarm, calculator, notes and tasks

    If there is a phone out there that does all this – please let me know!! 😛

  18. blah says:

    1. OLED screen (Samsung/LG is doing this)

    2. At least 5 M-Pixel Camera with decent optical zoom/flash. Best if accompanied by a decent and lightweight photo edit/management software.

    3. 64Gb storage

    4. Diversify design lineup:
    IPhone Flip – Clamshell (emulate Japanese keitai coolness)
    IPhone Classic – Original PDA size/shape
    IPhone Sleek – Candybar

    Specs should not differ much, perhaps except for weight, dimensions and screen size.

    5. Upgraded OS software. With real multitasking etc. Leave it to the developers.

    6. Good power management system in the phone and a longer lasting battery. This is a hardware/engineering problem: to make things run decently fast enough without the hardware getting too hot.

    6. Most importantly, no telco lockdown. This is a legal issue. After these few years IPhone is no longer a niche item and it also has to compete with other phone makers. Telco lockdown at this point is bad for business and bad for consumers.

    Another idea: Apple should devote some resources into developing IPhone only GAMES. Don’t just leave it to the random devs out there. Let these be exclusive killer apps.

  19. Mattprice says:

    I also think a iPhone Pro should be included

    it should have 120 gb of memory
    6 megapixel camera
    iChat with front camera
    better processor and graphics card

  20. Trail says:

    1) Next iPhone must have is the slide out full QWERTY key board.
    2) 5 or 8 MP camera.
    3) 64 gb internal memory.
    Those are three importing things that most of the word want ” Apple”.

  21. Haseious says:

    1. 64GB version for a lower price – I live in Asia and the 32 GB version of the 3GS is, behold, a $1,000 a pop. No joke.

    2. Front facing camera (3G connectivity without video-calling capabilities is like having a bed without a pillow – you know you’ll still somehow manage to “sleep on it” but you know something’s just missing).

    3. Bluetooth with file transfer (I’m surprised nobody has brought this one up yet. We’re talking about a multimedia device, for crying out loud).

    4. Flash support (so we can watch two-hour movies but not two-minute flash clips?)

    5. 5MP camera or higher (the way they were bragging about how the 3GS has an “amazing” autofocus 3MP camera was like describing man’s first landing on the moon).

    6. VGA screen resolution (unless they want to shrink the screen size to two inches or something).

    7. Longer battery life (and maybe throw in an icepack with that too).

    8. Louder speakers (i.e. when it rings, I expect to HEAR IT. Again, I’m surprised that nobody has brought this one up yet).

    9. Slightly thinner and shorter (simply because it’s supposed to replace both your cellphone and your iPod, not weigh and feel like both of them combined).

    10. NO BOUND CONTRACTS (because we just want the damn thing, not a prenup).

  22. Rikimaru says:

    My full wish and suggestion of iPhone 2010

    1. Video call.
    – This will offer new functionality ex. Gesture input, face recognition

    2. Stereo speaker
    – increase loudness
    – let the sound pass when blocked

    3. In-box in-ear Headphone
    – improve the durability of the command buttons

    4. Bluetooth
    – Sync with iTune (alternative way to sync)
    – call other device in the area using Bluetooth (ex. call friend’s iPod touch, call Steve Jobs’ Mac tablet)
    – Share document file

    5. FM receiver & transmitter

    6. Wifi 802.11n

    7. OLED display HD resolution
    – longer battery life
    – slimmer iPhone

    8. 5MP AF camera HD video +Flash

    9. Indicator LED for push mail, SMS, missed call etc.

    10. Dual core CPU at 600 MHz, RAM 320 MB, 32 & 64 GB model, 1500 mAh
    – no heat issue
    – capable of multi-task
    – For real, Audio 36 h, Video 10 h, Wifi 9 h, 3G 5 h

    11. New design
    – Metallic shell
    – shiny apple
    – slimmer
    – pre-coat screen

    Firmware 4.0
    1. Multi-tasking
    – like Backgrounder from cydia. But fix some app that malfunction after using Backgrounder ex. safe note (which require security password) fail to protect when enable backgrounder.

    2. Push-mail
    – no need to explain since a lot of complaints are available

    3. Customization
    – allow user to choose what they want Such as Ringtone, Theme, Springboard, icon app, status bar, folder of app, toggle etc

    4. Better overall performance
    – Boot quicker
    – Launch app quicker
    – less likely to freeze
    – battery saver mode optimized for each app

    5. Extend feature
    – with this huge storage let it be external drive like iPod classic
    – camera recognize the word of any language and translate using dictionary app. Especially Chinese character
    – Read out word document. Like in Mac OS
    – Face recognition to identify the user
    – Gesture input for those who want to operate iPhone from far distance or can’t touch screen for some reason

    6. Other little thing
    – create playlist right now on iPhone
    – quick launch at unlock screen
    – share internet from computer to iPhone
    – turn off cover flow
    – flow of cover flow when tilt iPhone
    – option to delete e-mail, SMS, photos all at once. Don’t have to check every item to delete. Can i just choose from here to there delete.
    – recover deleted item from trash app
    – toggle turn off spot light
    – shack to shuffle doesn’t work while sleep
    – adjust EQ in iPod not in setting
    – Flash support in Safari
    – create mail folder in Hotmail of Mail app. I can’ t save anything because it will be delete by the new one
    – icon Youtube should be more beautiful
    – icon Clock should correspond to the real time
    – Thai keyboard is difficult to use. Take a look at Cydia’s Thai keyboard
    – toggle EDGE or 3G. People loss a lot of money for the first time using iPhone.
    – faster sync with iTune. Since storage goes up to 64GB, it needs to upgrade the transfer rate too.
    – or tell me how long it gonna take to finish syncing
    – add the start up tune. Create your own catchy theme.
    – redesign or polish each app

    That’s all I can imagine.

  23. babsi says:

    – multi-app functionality.
    – ability to see bottom row of icons thru screensaver. Aggravating to have to unlock to see if I have calls, emails, texts, etc.
    – louder speaker
    – could you imagine a webcam?!?!?!
    – different colors besides white or black. boring!
    – different wallpaper ability behind icons, not just black background. again, boring!
    – tv.

  24. I love The Iphone but what makes start to change my mind about it is that i am stock between two choices
    enjoying the application or enjoy that battery

    and thats what i never worry about with other phones
    and plus why dont you make the Iphone fully made of glass not only the screen 🙂
    make it double screen one front and one back
    the front is for the built in application like making calls and sms and other necessary and the other screen for the other things that you download from itune store like games and other stuff . so you can make calls and play games at the same time 🙂
    and with two screens it wont get scratches cause i hate that my iphone has some scratches in the metal part , and with two screens it would look more sexy
    so you can call it iphone sexy 🙂
    its more attractive then Iphone 2G 3G 3.5G … booring !!!
    and make the hands free speakers better
    and plus the Iphone 2G you have to buy special head set for it , not all the head set is suitable for it, just make our life easy pls
    and why dont you make some useful application built in , like GPS , and two camera’s for us to make video calls , plus you should sell some parts for the older virgins to be like the new ones 🙂 with affordable prices , not every body can afford to buy a new phone !!
    make it water proof !!!
    remove the apple logo and put banana ..Joke !

  25. Allie says:

    The next iphone needs to have..

    1. Front Camera for live video chat with anyone who has an iphone
    2. IMPROVE camera
    3. LONG battery life
    4. flash for camera
    5. Editing photos like making face clear and taking off red eye
    6. waterproof, so it can take underwater pictures
    7. More ringtone choices
    8. A thing where you can hear someones conversation in the other room of someones who also has an iphone
    9. have as many people in a call as you want and up to 4 people for video chatting
    10. Mirror
    11. MAYBE MAYBE a perfume sprayer!!:) if possible

    These are some good ideas for the next iphone to come! please TRY to get this stuff into the next iphone!!!

  26. Tyler says:

    lets be real that the cheaper plan and price of the phone itself wont happen so here is the 10:
    1. Battery
    2. front facing camera
    3. flash for camera
    4. customizable ringtone system
    5. wireless sync system
    6. multitasking
    7. processor
    8. some physical innovations
    9. more megapixels
    10. less fragile screen

  27. fj says:

    Big things:

    Ability to use as a credit/debit card (ie RFID chip technology)
    Multitasking (even if it’s just for two apps!)

    Obviously needed things:

    Better camera
    Better battery
    Higher res screen

  28. Matthew says:

    I really do love the iphone but there are some very basic things that apple needs to work on. For example, the calender application needs a hell of a lot of work!!! This is one of the HUGE things that I miss about my palm Treo. My palm would allow me to customize important events with color so that when I quickly wanted to view my calender, I knew which day to check out. Also, adding events wasn’t a pain in the butt like it is with the iphone. On the calender, can we have a view that shows us the entire year? This way I don’t have to move slowly from month to month when I’m putting in future dates. This is something super annoying about the calender.

    Also, why don’t you guys work on customizing the Notes application? This application sucks! Honestly, this application was made to take up space. Spend 1 week on this application and you can make huge changes to this application.

    Another idea, I would like to have the weather, missed calls/texts, news, etc on the initial menu… In other words, before I slide the unlock button to the right to turn on the iphone. On this initial page, I would like to customize this with info of my choice!!! I think you can do this if you unlock your iphone, but I don’t want to screw up my warranty or iphone by doing this.

    I think the point I’m trying to make is that apple needs to allow us the ability to customize the built-in applications.

    WTH do we have to jail-break our iphones to get the features that we want? What a joke apple. The iphone has so much that it COULD do…

  29. jessica says:

    need a phone that could not be replicas as other companies trying to make need to make a phone that is better and not looking the same as the before iphones other companies make new not just adding little by little and that what makes iphones new to old in matter of weeks.

  30. *1.first and most important i wish they would change the battery life on the 2010 iphone, because the battery life on the new 3GS still suck like the rest of the iphones…
    *2.and a better camera would be nice atleast 5mp camera with flash and zoom, becuase indoor pics are the worst quality i seen than on any other phone.
    *3.call quality is good but can be better, nokia phones have a much louder & better speakers and a higher call quality than the iphone (both phones were tested on AT&T network).

  31. My iPhone wishlist:
    1. Multi-tasking, run several apps at the same time.
    2. Adobe Flash (along with Quicktime)
    3. Over-the-air firmware update
    4. Bluetooth connection with Mac/PC/ other phones
    5. Text finder or a “CRTL-F” function for Safari
    6. “Select All” or check several function for attaching pictures to e-mail.


  32. Peter says:

    would it be asking too much for them to stop the practice of sticking an “i” in front of everything?

    No? Yes?

    Ok, then I’d settle for

    longer battery life
    multi tasking
    much more storage
    better keyboard, (though I myself don’t know how to improve it.)

  33. TheFrag says:

    stereo speakers flush mounted psp style on the face of the screen above the home button and earpiece. would also be nice if they didnt suck volume wise.

    itunes with true drag and drop!!! where the hell is this feature?? its 2009 and we’re still making playlists?

    hires screen ala 800×480 or 640×480

    dual core cpu

    better battery life

    full ad2p and avrcp support, yes i know 3gs has it but i want to be able to skip back and forth with my $180 sony stereo headset.

    flash support

    multitasking so i dont have to jailbreak my phone

  34. Nescro says:

    1. Removable battery
    2. Better Speakers
    3. Removable battery
    4. Longer battery life
    5. Removable battery
    6. Did I say removable battery. the thought of have to send the phone back for battery replacement is ridiculous.
    7. Metal frame again
    8. Removable battery

  35. Nescro says:

    1. Removable battery
    2. Better Speakers
    3. Removable battery
    4. Longer battery life
    5. Removable battery
    6. Did I say removable battery. the thought of having to send the phone back for battery replacement is ridiculous.
    7. Metal frame again
    8. Removable battery

  36. Kent says:

    1-Native office suite

    2-Native to do list!


    4-all of the functions and features of the newton device


    6- Google new map application

    7 higher res display

    8 5 meg pix camera! (come on Apple!)

    9 “Mobile Me” free or at least very, very, very cheap! ($20 a year) get on the ball with this apple because soon Google will have something very similar to “Mobile Me” (but they will offer it for free and with more features!)

    10-Cheaper data plans!!!!

    AT&T is to freaking expensive! I believe that cell phone service should be not cost more then having a freaking land line! God bless the day when having a cell phone will only cost ya around $20 a month for everything (unlimited, voice and data) fear not because this day is coming folks !

    more blue tooth features such as sending v cards to other smart phone users

  37. Eddie says:

    Things that I would like to see.

    Longer battery life
    Keep screen same size (OLED)
    different hardware design
    better camera and video
    better notifications system
    (meaning within social networks)
    louder ringing speaker
    better multitasking
    flash in web browsing
    email – delete all button
    keep the phone fast
    previous things are great

  38. dave says:

    I just want the iphone to have the same features that every other bloody phone on the market has except the ihpone e.g. a flash, a 5 + mega pixle camera. The iphone is far behind phone in its features from phones that are even 5 years old. They may have a damn good marketing team which makes everyone buy them and the interface and what not is fantastic but that doesnt mean they should scrimp on the simple stuff

  39. First some of the ideas are really stupid like the perfume sprayer, that is the stupidest thing ever. in my opinion and the opinions of most of the other people on this wishlist thing these are the most wanted (and the most important) things to add to the next iphone:

    1. better battery, if possible 2-5 times longer (this might be to much but still at least 2 times longer)

    2. camera on both sides of the phone (the one on the back used for pictures and video should be at least 5-12 megapixel camera and HD video with zoom, and the camera on the front used for video chats and taking pictures of yourself could be only 3-5 megapixel to save money but will still be good enough for video chats)

    3. micro projector, a good micro projector would be able to project HD video at 40 inches (this may not happen because this would make the phone really expensive, but if the price on micro projectors get cheaper there should be one) this would also require a much better battery

    4. satellite cellular service, i know this is something that AT&T would have to do so this probably wont happen but it is still a good idea

    5. faster processor for games and apps

    6. way to add SD cards to increase memory and choses of memory of 16 , 32, and 64 gigabytes

    7. better resolution screen for HD video and more console like games so someone can make some app game that is really good so the iphone could be kind of like a better version of the new PSPslim or whatever the new PSP is called

    8. better speakers that are louder and better quality

    if Apple added all of these ideas they would have the best smartphone ever made. this kind of phone would be very expensive, like $400-$600. if Apple could somehow make this phone for $250, $300, $350 (16gb, 32gb, 64gb) then just about everyone that could afford it would buy one. I hope to see an iphone like this in the next year or two (even though the technology exists to make a phone this good right now we probably won’t see one for a few years, like 3-5)

  40. Also something i just thought of is giving the next iphone Wimax for best possible mobile internet. But Wimax doesnt work in to many places right now so the iphone should have 3g (or 4g if its out by then) and Wimax. for people who don’t know what wimax is it is a newer way of moble internet that can reach up to 6 megabytes per second, so if Apple did this it would be a very major improvement.

  41. J90 says:

    Every feature that the samsung jet has + blackberrys business functions eg. email. I bet no one from apple even takes notice of these types of message boards, even though alot of great ideas have been discussed, arrogant cocks.

  42. Matt says:

    1. 64/120 GB storage
    2. faster processor
    3. multi-tasking (probably won’t happen)
    4. stronger build (I’ve seen ipod touch and iphone models fall apart)
    5. 4G (though AT&T doesn’t have it)
    6. over the air updates
    7. HD capabilities
    8. ability to delete songs
    9. better graphics for games
    10. SD card compatibility
    11. camera on the front face allowing video chat
    12. different colors
    13. Wireless syncing (that would be cool!)

  43. kasia says:

    front face camera
    better camera and flash (5 megapixel or better) even the cheap phones have a better camera now
    FM transmitter & receiver
    different colors
    better body, tired of the plastic, preferred first gen look & feel
    song delete option
    better performance
    longer battery life

  44. Mike says:

    1. Longer battery life
    2. Secret Lazers
    3. Cannon rebel type lens camera
    4. flash supported
    5. Torrent download system for all them downloads
    6. Phone should come with a stripper for the month

  45. Matt says:

    Replace battery
    5Mp Camera
    Adobe Flash
    4G Network Coverage
    better procesor
    better design
    front facing camera
    double memory
    better graphics
    30 FPS video camera

  46. Karen Hollyoak says:

    I would like to see a better selection of animated wallpapers and the ability to personalize my ringtones.
    Individual wallpaper of the home screen, sms background etc.
    I Would also appreciate l the following features on the iphone:
    high quality front camera for video calling
    5mp camera with HD recording and flash or higher
    full flash support
    better graphics card
    faster processor
    up to 64gb
    Affordable tariffs
    all the 2010 features
    1.4 GHz CPU
    better gpu than 2010
    better battery life
    4g and evdo on iphone

  47. blublish says:

    iPhone 2010 must have:
    350gb 7200rpm
    quad-core 3.0
    8gb ram
    15″ screen 1680×1050
    with iLife, iWork and Call Of Duty

    only for 99€

    that was good!

  48. Tammy Patek says:

    I would like a better calendar with a weekly view and an easier way to set appointments. I am coming from using a palm and they made it so easy.

  49. Michele says:

    On the 2010 iPhone, I would like to see:

    Flash player capability

    QWERTY hidden keyboard OPTION

    Much louder speaker phone/speakers

    Be able to change background from solid black

    iTunes program that can customize ringtones if you already own the song

    Much higher megapixel camera

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