Nexus One not Revolutionary or iPhone Killer

Forget all the hype and hysteria over Google pushing out their so called Nexus One superphone because it simply doesn’t warrant it as the Nexus One is just a nice mobile phone that isn’t revolutionary or an iPhone killer.

That’s what Rich Jaroslovsky of business week reckons anyway. According to the article the Google Nexus One superphone is a sleek handset with advancement in processor and display tech which will no doubt be matched or overtaken in the months ahead.

But if anyone should feel threatened by the Nexus One it is Motorola who has committed to using Android on all their smartphones and now, although a Motorola partner, Google is a powerful competitor.

Google’s real innovation with the Nexus One is how they sell it and any other handset that follows as they are looking to separate the mobile phone from the service thus you can buy the Nexus One for $529 and buy service separately.

However, Jaroslovsky says while this is interesting, it’s hardly earth-shattering and when Apple first introduced the iPhone it changed the way people think about wireless handsets and ushered a new era of the mobile web, so all the Nexus One really is, is just a very nice phone.

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