New iPhone 4G 2010: T-Mobile not Verizon plus Qualcomm EV-DO

Oh the rumours keep flying in about the anticipated Apple iPhone 4G for 2010, we have already mentioned about its release date and features and now we have some more to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ok so the new iPhone 4G what we know already will most certainly have a much improved GPS, a 5MP camera, image sensors being supplied by OmniVision even though according to iPhone Help it is rumoured that Philips’ Lumileds Lighting is prepping millions of LED flashes for the iPhone 4G camera.

The new rumours, which we did not know about is that Apple has signed a deal with Qualcomm and that this new deal will allow Qualcomm to supply EV-DO chips. Apparently when the AT&T exclusive deal ends Verizon will not be getting the 4G iPhone but instead T-Mobile will be releasing it.

There will be multitasking on the iPhone and that there will be a new feature called “Springboard Exposé”, this means that you will be able to run multiple apps in the background. We will keep you up-to-date on all news surrounding the all new iPhone 4G 2010.


66 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G 2010: T-Mobile not Verizon plus Qualcomm EV-DO”

  1. daniel says:

    i swear the iphone better go to verizon. my two year contract will end by that time I want the iphone 4g! please verizon and apple make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Shawn says:

      I'm sorry it will not be released to Verizon, But will be released later through T-Mobile hooray!! If the iphone 4 could ron on an optional Android OS, that would be the best phone in the world !!!

  2. ravi says:

    Why does t-mobile want an EVDO iphone when their cellular network is UMTS ???

    This is a crazy article.

  3. Brian says:

    This is not true because t-mobile is just like att a gsm carrier and verizon is ev-do and willbe moving to lte which can be laid on top of verizon's current 3g network. So this is false information.

  4. Steve says:

    Why would Apple sign a deal with qualcomm to produce an ev-do chip then go to T-Mobile when T-Mobile is a GSM network? AT&T are both GSM, Verizon and Sprint are Ev-Do.

  5. webexiter says:

    T-mobile has cheaper plans than verizon. A contrac is optional for tmobile's users.

  6. jose says:

    Why yall think this crazy what if tmo launches that ev-do thing yall talking bout lol and t mobile is getting the iphone!!! Like it or not

  7. Brian says:

    Who told you that T-mobile was going to get the iphone? jose that is just all talk there is no proof behing this. And why would t-mobile launch ev-do? They run on GSM they are two different network technologies. It does not make since.

    1. Shawn says:

      Put simply, Iphone currently works on T-Mobile network w/ a sim chip. By chance iphone 4 will likely run (somehow) on T-Mobile's network as well. My guess is when it comes down to it, it usually comes down to money & nasty politics, T-Mobile is far underrated & stands to be a profitable underdog in the market place (it"s just business)…

  8. Chuck says:

    Hey Guys you are not reading the article correctly.. the chips are ev-do, but the chip can do both gsm and ev-do. I have to hand it to t-mobile… and may then unlocking begin for sprint and verizon…here is the info:

    Qualcomm updated its MDM family of cellular chipsets with some of the first anywhere to support dual, advanced 3G and 4G formats. The MSM7630 supports GSM, HSPA and HSPA+ standards but will also work on CDMA phone networks and support up to EVDO Revision B for 3G on those services. The addition would let a phone work on a CDMA carrier like Sprint or Verizon but still work with AT&T or T-Mobile and roam at speeds of up to 21Mbps on networks

  9. Rick says:

    The processor will also share the same ARM7-based core as Qualcomm's fast Snapdragon processor and support modern smartphone speeds and features. Clock speeds should still hover between 800MHz and 1GHz and, combined with an integrated graphics core, supports 720p video decoding and encoding at up to 30 frames per second, OpenGL ES 2.0 for 3D rendering, 12-megapixel still photo processing and 5.1-channel surround sound. A GPS receiver is equally built-in.

    Customers are already receiving test samples of the processor, which includes a single-mode GSM/HSPA+ MSM7230 chipset as part of its family. It's expected to reach shipping products before the end of 2010 and should be accompanied by MSM9200, a higher-end hybrid chip that supports both HSPA+ as well as the LTE standard for future 4G service on most carriers worldwide.

    The arrival of the MSM7630 coincides with rumors of a dual-mode iPhone that would use a Qualcomm chipset in place of existing Samsung and/or Infineon components and would let Apple offer the iPhone to Verizon without having to build a separate CDMA/EVDO edition. While Apple's acquisition of PA Semi should ultimately lead to custom-designed chipsets for iPhone-sized devices, the only rumors of a PA Semi-made device for 2010 have so far centered on a tablet and not a smartphone.

  10. nhu says:

    The Apple 4G is going to T-Mobile. Verizon screw themselves up when they had released the Android commercial talking crap about how they were better than IPhone.

  11. baldwin says:

    Umm I don't know where you heard that Tmobile will be getting the new iphone 4.0, but when I read this I called them and they said they know nothing about that and its not finilized. So, the iphone is still with AT&T.Don't be giving miss information

    1. Mandi S. says:

      They can't officially say anything until it is released. I just talked to someone at Tmobile about my Touch pro 2 and he said he thinks they will have it within the next few months.

    2. Shawn says:

      The idea is that it is very likely to run and or be released on T-Mobile OS. Plus, it already does does, why wouldnt it not continue…??? 🙂

    3. Joey says:

      you must realize t-mobile is not going to tell you or myself as far as that goes.. until they are ready to make a public announcement.but that does not mean that t-mobile will not have the 4g Iphone. The Head office as you will know will not even tell their employees until almost launch date that they will have particular phone. And these contracts between phone manufacturers and carriers are not forever and when one contract ends it is open game for another carrier to submit request to get the next latest phone and sometimes with certain features that only t-mobile or verizon or any other carrier wants.

  12. newbuu2 says:

    baldwin, you actually think that tmobile would tell you such a big business deal? Hey, while you're at it, call Coca Cola and ask them for their formula. I'll bet you'll meet with just as much success.

  13. care rep says:

    im a care rep and im gonna tell you that we dont even know!!! we get a 2 weeks " upcomming handsets", link!!! lol… and we woundnt say if we knew any realistic rumor, that would still be a rumor.

  14. Alex Devlin says:

    I worked for AT&T when the original iPhone was launched and I worked for Sprint when they launched the Palm Pre. Both of them had non-disclosure contracts we had to sign saying we would not tell anything to customers other than what we had on our screens as the official info. So whatever company is getting the new iPhone, calling them and asking will not get you any new info other than whats available on the website of that company. And on a kind of on-topic note, one guy at Sprint got fired for telling a customer that the Palm Pre wasn't anywhere as good as the iPhone. Something I agreed with but had to tell the customers the opposite.

  15. caramel says:

    i rang tmobil to talk about my upgrade and they confirmed they will be getting the 4g i phone around may.

  16. Jason H says:

    T-mobile guy confirmed this for me, as i already use a unlocked iphone on t-mobile this is good news for me, can't wait till the 4g comes out. of course calling t-mobile they will keep hush hush till it launches. come on baldwin use your brains.

  17. wtf says:

    omg iphone 4g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant wait cause my mum just got her iphone 3g

    and i have to wait like 2 year to get my iphone 4g

    🙁 🙂

  18. VNVet says:

    Because……….T-mobile will be buying Sprint, so the phone will work on both systems.

  19. bob says:

    you guys are all completely stupid and retarded..get a life all of you if this is all you talk about

  20. jay says:

    also remember t-mobile and orange are merging.. i can also confirm that the iphone has been available on t-mobile for a while already but is not advertised and is supplied to t-mobile customers through a third party(orange).. this has been done to allow them to keep hold of some of there customers that have rang them to say they where leaving so they could get an iphone… with tmobile and orange merging i would expect big things to happen, so for them to launch the 4g iphone would be no surprise atall…..

  21. Lora says:

    I don't understand you guys lol. I don't think Apple or T-mobile will give the public such information until the iphone 4g's release date. In the meantime, everything is and will be confidential. We will just see until the new iphone comes out! If T-Mobile carries the phone then I will be using it :] I heard alot of rumors about the new features that the 4.0 carries and will hopefully be using my first apple technology soon! Yay, it will go great with my Dr. Dre headphones lol

  22. Sam says:

    T-mobie has been using I phone in Europe,Germany for some time,they run same platform as ATT

  23. jay silva says:

    all yall just hatin on tmobile is gonna be released bcus i work as a manager in miami,fl for 8years

  24. jay says:

    worth a read to all those that want an iphone on tmobile.. as i said in an earlier post the iphone has quietly been supplied by tmobile for a long time… also today i spoke with a tmobile worker who quietly told me that by august they will be supplying the 4g iphone. so there you go..i get good reliable info as i am related to a high up tmobile worker(not just some kid in a shop but somebody at hq level) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/08/03/t_mobile_

  25. jay says:

    worth a read to all those that want an iphone on tmobile.. as i said in an earlier post the iphone has quietly been supplied by tmobile for a long time… also today i spoke with a tmobile worker who quietly told me that by august they will be supplying the 4g iphone. so there you go..i get good reliable info as i am related to a high up tmobile worker(not just some kid in a shop but somebody at hq level) http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/08/03/t_mobile_

  26. jaime says:

    well guys t-mobile will be getting an iphone,but apple doesnt want to release the 4g yet..so t-mobile might get the iphone 3gs..brian t-mobile will be getting it in the mid-summer of july 2010..

  27. TMO Manager says:

    hey tmobile has the iphone 4g now…. but you have to buy another crappy phone and sign up for a plan then call tmobile and they will tell you about there iphone 4g special, but its for tmobile loyal customers only thats why you have to get a plan and be a tmobile customer first otherwise they will tell you they dont have the iphone 4g

  28. Cool jo says:

    i work for tmobile and they said we will be getting the iphone 4g in may.

  29. bob says:

    Apple’s iPhone coming to all major US carriers (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) this year? that true or not?

  30. Buckley HD says:

    How the hell do you people know i dont think any of you are ceos or anything at apple besides apple is all caught up on the ipad

  31. Adam C says:

    TMO manager I have a T-mobile loyslty plan I am a customer for 7 years when the company was first omni point, then voice stream and now t-mobile. How muc does the i-phone cost? I want one now!

  32. Sri says:

    TMO Manager-I have been a loyal customer of T-mobile for 7+ yrs and i would sure love to know the pricing on the New Iphone 4g for Loyal customers. If the phone is available, who should i contact and what should i ask for.Please help.

  33. andrew says:

    t mobile can become ev do morons and att iphones run on umts service, its only the older att phone s and most go phones that only run on gsm, but maybe tmobile it going to run evdo and umts if they do the update on the towers and software, it is possible

  34. Taylor says:

    If T-Mobile acquires Sprint, they could do something with their Ev-Do. So a chip set that supports both would be appreciated:)

  35. The-TRUTH says:

    LET's clear this up…………….T-Mobile is getting the I-phone NOT AT&T it will shock you but T-m0bile is about to blow up. I been with T-mobile for 8 years and my close friend REALLY DOES work for T-mobile corporate and the are INDEED getting ready to launch the I-phone 4G. Verizon and Sprint (CDMA) will not be getting the phone.

  36. Sara says:

    Hi guys.. I have also been a T Mobile customer for over 8 years myself now and am desperate to get my hands on the I phone 4G with them.. Does anyone know if this has been lauched yet? and if so how much the cost is for us 'loyal' customers? Thank You!!

  37. gimy says:

    hi i am also a 7 year contract holder is there any point hanging on to my t mobile contract till the end [ this aug 8 ] to get my hands on the alusive 4g. or should i look into moving to vodafone to get my sticky mits on the new apple……

  38. Phill says:

    hey, im a customer of T-mobile, i heard the rumours and so went to t-mobile shop on the highstreet, the have confirmed that the new 4g will be on t-mobile

  39. lucy says:

    my brother in law works for t.mobile and they are launching the new 4g i phone. it wont be long neither think its 4th july but could be sooner

  40. lucy says:

    jay the other iphones have been available through tmobile but only with chitter chatter not orange, the new 4g will be available through t mobile them selves. they had the 3g and 3gs with chitter chatter to see how popular it was. and at the time u could only get the i phone on an upgrade. i think thats y they are now launching the new 4g.

  41. lucy says:

    t mobile are launching the the 4g tmobile. they already have 3gs and 3g but through chitter chatter. they did it through chitter chatter to see how popular it was. i can confirm it as my family work for tmobile. so maybe they are getting the 3g and 3gs so u do not have to go through chitter chatter hopefully they do.

  42. Rebeca says:

    please i want tmobile to get the iphone4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im desperate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Sara says:

    I reaaallllyy want it for my birthday in august, & I WANT IT TO COME OUT. but how can we be sure?

  44. alexis says:

    You know i actually have heard this rumor multiple times and now am starting to believe it. well hopefully it does and if so Ill be getting 🙂 nd yahh (verizon and att) ppls will stay jaw broken lmaoo 🙂

  45. CARLOS says:

    no t-mobile is not gettting the iphone i work for at&t there all just rumors verizon can't get it because they're CDMA technology no sim card plus they have so bad service that their smart phone needs sim cards because their service can't hold it….so no t-mobile will not get the iphone and if they do (miracle) it will have really bad service trust me that's why iphone 4 has a special sim card now….t-mobile and sprint and verizon are all expensive get them out of the market t-mobile is from europe and they're so desperate to get customers that they're reducing they're price plans and $5 add a line so you make the decision good service or bad service and yelling at sell's reps at t-mobile verizon and sprint all day =]

  46. Silver Makus says:

    Iphone and tmobile have been partners overseas for years. so its only time we get it in the US as well.. and the only reason i want an iphone is bcuz its the only phone netflix has an app for. i need my netflix movie streaming everywhere i go!! hurry up tmobile ..

  47. darian says:

    well i live in hawaii and my father went to t-mobile to pay his bill and theres a deal that if you buy 2 iphone 4g. you get 1 free, and were gonna get it. So in conclusion, im guessing t-mobile supplies iphone 4g. Hope this ends this topic 🙂