Video: Nexus One vs. HTC HD2 Web Browsing

So just how good does the new Google Nexus One superphone web browsing experience stack up against another HTC smartphone say such as the HTC HD2? Well you are about to find out thanks to the guys over at pocket now.

The video we have for you below is a comparison of internet experience between the latest Android smartphone out of Google and the HTC HD2 smartphone, both of which pack a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

The video last almost eight minutes so is quite an extensive comparison, and both smartphone are quite capable of rendering high fidelity pages but the Nexus One does appear to be a couple of seconds faster that the HTC HD2.

They also say that although the HTC HD2 offers a massive and beautiful screen, the Nexus One AMOLED display gives it the edge in displaying proper colours and contrast; so all that remains is to hit up the video and enjoy.


One thought on “Video: Nexus One vs. HTC HD2 Web Browsing”

  1. coolfx35 says:

    I’m from Sweden and I’ve had my HTC HD2 for more than one month now.
    Do you know there was a special forum dedicated for our beloved phones, yes, it’s http://www.HTCHD2Forum.com.
    The HTC Hd2 is my third HTC device and man it’s great! I knew it had twice the clock speed compared to my Diamond but could never imagine the difference to be that huge.

    Anyway, I know a little bit about WM and can hopfully help people.

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