HTC Connectivity problems yes Nexus One no

Samples from various customer support threads are generally a good indicator, as hundreds and maybe thousands of early adopters of Google‘s Nexus One phone are not looking for humanity just some customer support.

HTC the manufacturer of the Nexus One phone which is sold by Google and so far deployed on T-Mobile’s GSM network have told Betanews late on Monday night that they are aware of the magnitude of 3G connectivity problems reported by customers nationwide.

Many customers are reporting the very same problem, stating that their 3G connections are either spotty and variable and for some even worse non existent. HTC however, is not acknowledging a problem with the phone itself.

The latest update is that the network remains equally suspect, especially amid the lack of much news or support. HTC have commented “while the majority of Nexus One owners have been thrilled with their experience, HTC is aware that some owners have reported technical issues with their devices“. To find out more visit betanews.com


2 thoughts on “HTC Connectivity problems yes Nexus One no”

  1. What is the big deal about the Nexus One? It doesn’t seem to be any better than the Motorola Droid or the Apple Iphone. I thought it would be a little more robust in terms of features.

    John R. Carlisle

  2. Actually love the phone features (imagine that), seriously though.Keyboard characters on the QWERTY keyboard are too close when held upright. that are the reason i love this phone.