London Church Vicar Plough Monday Update: Blesses smartphones

The Medieval religious tradition of Plough Monday where the Church blesses farmer’s ploughs has now been brought into modern times as the Reverent Canon David Parrott blessed the modern smartphone in a new take on the Plough Monday ceremony.

According to an article over on the Times Online, the congregation at ST Lawrence Jewry in the City of London held their mobile phones and Apple iPods above their heads as Canon Parrott began the blessing saying, “May our tongues be gentle, our emails be simple, and our websites be accessible.”

Until this Plough Monday none of the church had been brave enough to attempt such a modernisation to include such things as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia and other smartphones, and shows that at least Canon Parrott isn’t averse to moving with the times.

Apparently Canon Parrott thought about the Plough Monday ceremony and realised people coming to church no longer have ploughs as their tools are now their iPhones, laptops, and BlackBerry handsets. Although the Canon did say at the service he would like the congregation to have their mobile phones out, but on silent.