Verizon Droid Security bypassed by Android 2.0.1

Apparently there is a flaw in the Verizon Droid’s security running on Android 2.0.1 as there is a bug which enables the bypassing of the Droid’s screen-lock security reports an article over on techcrunch.

The Droid security requires the user to input a pattern of onscreen dots before gaining access to most of the Droid features, but exploiting the bug is relatively simple; when an incoming call on the Droid which has its lock screen activated you just hit the dedicated ‘Back’ button to bypass the lock and get access to the homescreen.

The only thing is a thief would have to know your number or wait for an incoming call so they could exploit the bug, and said bug only affects Motorola Droid handsets running Android 2.0.1 which basically accounts for most.

Google’s response on the matter is “We are aware of the issue and we’re working to deliver a fix to Motorola Droids shortly.” Well at least Google is on the case; let’s hope they don’t take too long for the fix.

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