T-Mobile and Google Nexus One Phone complaints from our Readers

The Google Nexus One Phone is probably the most talked about smartphone at the moment other than the iPhone and it seems that there is always good and bad in everything; well let us shed a little light in the way of complaints and views.

We get many comments coming in about this device and we would love to share with you with what some of our readers have said, seems like these phonesreview.co.uk readers have a few problems and here is what they think.

Reader One:

I am already a long term T-Mobile customer and I can only get this phone by paying the full unlocked price or have another entirely new separate contract. This is not a smart business move. Where is the added value for dedicated customers?

Reader Two:
What is the big deal about the Nexus One? It doesn’t seem to be any better than the Motorola Droid or the Apple Iphone. I thought it would be a little more robust in terms of features.

Reader Three:
Well, I don’t know where to start. I am a t-mobile user. Been with t-mobile since 2000. I was ready to move into the smart phone arena. My son had just left my family plan, and I have been out a contract for 3 years. I went to Google’s nexus one phone site and tried to order one. I didn’t qualify because I was on a family plan. No problem, I called t-mobile and they set me up on the plan compatible with the Google phone. I get back on Google’s phone site and this time I get to verify myself.

The T-Mobile servers are getting hammered and I finally get in after 15 attempts. Now I’m getting somewhere. Congratulations, you qualify for an upgrade. You can get the phone for $379. Wait, it says $179 on the first page. I call t-mobile and then it starts, you are set up okay on our end, try it again. After several more attempts and the same result, I call t-mobile again. It must be a Google problem, try contacting them. Forget it. Any links from Google’s site only brings up user manuals and such. Nowhere is there a phone number or way to contact a person. After several trips to the T-Mobile store for help and moral support I am told maybe just wait a while and give the system time to work out the kinks.

It’s been a couple of days and I try the 611 number again. By this time I know what the computer is going to ask and start cutting her off before she finishes. If you want to have fun, you can yell or cuss at her and she keeps saying things like I’m sorry but I did not understand you. Anyway, I finally had a T-Mobile support person on the phone as I was on the Google site. As she would make changes to my account I would try to order the phone. Wrong price, change something else and try again.

After an hour we had the price down to $279. Another $100 off because she had to take off the internet access as it was blocking that discount. I didn’t have internet access, but earlier they had set it up like they thought it should be. My phone is a 3 year old bar style and has a very small screen. Not what you would call internet ready. Now the kicker; I start asking after I get the phone and start my 2 year contract, will I be able to get on my wife’s family plan. Yes and no. yes you can get on your wife’s family plan, but you will be billed the $250 discount making the phone cost the full price of $529. Since I really wanted to merge our two family plans it would not be prudent for me to purchase the phone. I looked for a cancel button on the credit card check out screen, what no button.

No problem I click the red X at the top right of the screen and close the session. A few minutes later I get an email from Google confirming that I have just purchased a Google phone. They inform me that because they ship the phones as fast as possible when the orders come in, I have only 15 minutes to cancel. I try cancelling but I don’t think I made it. When I get this super smart phone in about 5 days, I can return it if I don’t open the box. Many penalties for peeking at the phone such as restocking, etc. I believe I will get a full refund minus shipping. Not a good way to build up good feelings for a loyal customer. Tonight I will be picking up a MyTouch phone and for the next 2 years wonder why I didn’t switch to a competitors plan for you guessed it $179.

Reader Four:

Google’s approach on the face of it seems really progressive, offering some affordable options for a highly featured phone. The real shame is that it does not seem enough or any testing of the service has been done prior to launch, and the focus was probably just on the tech and testing handsets. Mobile handsets are as important to everyday lives now as communication tools for voice and data that it was amazing that they could be so naive and miss out customer support. This is definitely a learning experience for Google and let’s hopes they quickly realise what the important element of customer service that they left out initially with the Nexus One launch, and put in place some resource to support users

If you have anything to say about the Google Nexus One Phone made by HTC or indeed you have a problem with T-Mobile, please do let us know.


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile and Google Nexus One Phone complaints from our Readers”

  1. Bill says:

    I also tried to order the google phone. I am out of contract with Tmobile and a long time customer. I failed in many attempts to order and Tmobile was a little helpful. They even had a telephone contact initally, which does nor work now. Appears Google has problems with the website and tmobile verification

  2. Caroline says:

    BEWARE of buying a phone from T Mobile

    The Nokia phone I bought this year from T Mobile has a fault: when I set it to SILENT it rings when someone phones me (very embarrassing in meetings). I phoned T Mobile and was told to take it to a T mobile shop to be mended. It was sent away. I now have it back and when set to SILENT it still rings. I phoned T mobile again and asked for a free upgrade to a phone that works properly. I was told that I had to take it back to the shop to be sent off to the repairers AGAIN. I was also told that, unless the repairers say it is unrepairable I would have to take it back a THIRD time. When I said this was ridiculous (the repairers in Milton Keynes didn't say that last time so why should they say that this time?) and I wanted to quit T Mobile and change my supplier I was told that I would get a BAD CREDIT RATING. T Mobile has me over a barrel. It's Catch 22. Is this any way to run what it supposed to be a reputable company? John Lewis doesn't run its company like this.