Nexus One carries $350 Equipment Recovery Fee

If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase of the Google Nexus One superphone and return it after the 14 day trail period and before 120 days, you can expect to hand over a rather large $350 for the privilege.

According to an article on computer world, in Google’s “terms of sale” on their website, a $350 equipment recovery fee is placed on the Nexus One and is in addition to the standard $200 ETF of T-Mobile USA.

Apparently a spokesperson for T-Mobile USA has confirmed that both the $350 ERF and $200 ETF could apply before 120 days on a T-Mobile plan; however notes that if customers terminate with 91 to 180 days remaining on a 2 year agreement the $200 ETF drops to $100, and less than 90 days drops to $50.

A spokesperson for Google has stated that the $350 equipment recovery fee is a way of recouping the subsidy given to contract customers and is a standard practice for resellers.

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