LG to use Android to Increase Phones Sales in 2010

The number three mobile phone manufacturer in the world, LG Electronics is looking to boost mobile phone sales this year in the region of 20% by using the Android platform for their smartphone line-up reports Reuters.

Compared to the likes of Research In Motion, Palm and Apple, the South Korean manufacturer packs a relatively weak footing in the smartphone arena and in 2010 faces strong competition, and thus has stated they aim to offer 140 million handsets this year.

Last year LG’s target was over 100 million and they beat it coming in at 117 million handsets sold and claiming roughly 10% of the mobile market. In 2010 LG will unveil approximately twenty new smartphones, of which more than half will sport the Android OS.

They have also stated their offerings in 2010 will include Linux based handsets and Windows Mobile based handsets, and aims to have a double digit share of the world smartphone market by 2012.


One thought on “LG to use Android to Increase Phones Sales in 2010”

  1. Stanley C says:

    LG is now doing what all the other handset manufacturers have been doing for a while now. Phasing out the unpopular Windows Mobile operating system, and switching to Android.

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