CPU and Symbian OS with fast internet Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 is a very comprehensive functional handset that has a wide range of features. The handset utilises an impressive CPU and Symbian operating system.

Not only that it has high-speed internet at speeds of up to 10.2 Mbps it also has class 32 versions of both GPRS and EDGE. It has Wi-Fi capabilities which offer the ability to access widely available hotspots.

This handset comes with VOIP 3.0 feature and also microUSB and Bluetooth with A2DP. The display screen which is contained within the handset is a TFT display which measures 2.36 inches.

It takes up the top half of the front screen and display colors with much vibrancy and clarity not seen on that many other handsets, that is down to its ability to display up to 16 million colors. It has a fantastic full QWERTY keyboard which ios located underneath the screen and offers effective but simple data entry. Source – boosharticles.com

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