Is Google Nexus One more cost effective than iPhone or Droid?

The question a lot of people are asking at the moment is which is the best? Is it the Nexus One the Droid or the iPhone.

One think to take into account when making your decision is what is it going to cost you? that’s where online bill comparison engine BillShrink has been called upon.

BillShrink has decided to compare the total cost of ownership across all the hottest smartphones, and has actually found out the the much talked about Google Nexus One running on T-Mobile USA will cost you less.

that’s less than either the Motorola Droid or the apple iPhone 3GS 16GB. According to BillShrink profile the Palm Pre still comes out as offering the best cost profile. Have a closer look before you decide which way to turn. Visit phoneplusmag.com for more information.

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