New Apple Tablet iSlate and iPhone 2010 Recap

The Apple Tablet which is otherwise known as the iSlate is expected to be released on January 27th which is not confirmed just a rumor.

We have some rumoured specs for you as well until anything is confirmed then rumors are about the best we can hope for, but at least it gives us an idea what we may be likely to see form this company which has developed the mobile phone and portable music player beyond belief.

Will this be the device that Apple have been waiting for to enable them to get a hold on the market which it has eluded for a while now. Of course we wont know for sure unitl the device is released and hopefully this will be January 27th.

Apple has already registered the domain iSlate.com though an intermediary to keep the name a tip secret, and they have trademarked it through a shell company called slate computing which falls into place with the secretive practices before the release of iPhone. To find out more visit thinkdigit.com

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