Verizon Wireless Metered billing 3G or 4G Billing is the future

Not only is it going to happen but it is definitely more fair, metered billing for wireless data whether it is 3G or 4G.

That according to Verizon Wireless CTO Dick Lynch. He claimed to the Washington Post that the end of flat rate pricing is simply inevitable.

Analysts have noticed that the sheer amount of wireless data traffic is rising however, the amount of revenue from that increase in traffic isn’t. whilst he didn’t be specific about any plans Lynch did state that its likely that such a move would be a must if Verizon got the iPhone.

Verizon’s pricing for the 4G LTE network will more than likely consist of a flat fee, plus additional charges for excessive usage. Again Lynch didn’t clarify whether or not the model would mirror what we’re used to these days. I suppose we’ll just have to watch this space. Source – phoneplusmag.com

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