iPhone live with Vodafone UK Today

Today is the big day for all Vodafone faithful in the UK, the day when they can grab probably the most talked about smartphone the world has ever seen, namely the iconic iPhone, as today the 14th of January 2010 Vodafone UK starts selling the king of smartphones.

Vodafone is now part of the UK iPhone business and offers the iPhone 3G in black, iPhone 3GS 16GB and iPhone 3GS 32GB in black and white versions, and has of late been bolstering their marketing by saying their network can cope better with the iPhone.

Furthermore if you are already a Vodafone UK customer you have the opportunity to upgrade your handset to the iPhone online and with free delivery.

Vodafone pricing for the iPhone is on par with most others such as O2, Orange, and Tesco, and we have already covered Vodafone tariffs, but if you wish to refresh your memory then hit up (here)

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