How is the battery on the Google Nexus One Phone?

So now that you’ve got hold of your Google Nexus One superphone and had time to play around with the new Android packing smartphone, how are you finding the handset’s battery, is it good or bad, experiencing short life or reasonable battery life?

As with most smartphones the battery life will only last depending on how you use the smartphone, if you heavily use such things as GPs, Bluetooth, watch loads of videos and listen to music most of the time, the battery life is going to drain quickly.

Google has given some basic standard advice on how to optimise the Nexus One battery life which we posted on earlier and can be read (here) but basically it’s all common sense stuff.

So we are asking our Nexus One toting readers how they are fairing with the battery life, does it last you a day or do you need to charge before the day is out. Do you think the Nexus One battery is poor or reasonable considering the smartphone. If you have a gripe about the Nexus One battery life or want to praise it, then feel free to drop us a comment below.


24 thoughts on “How is the battery on the Google Nexus One Phone?”

  1. To me, it seems Nexus One drains faster than the Iphone. Not with much, but still. This could be because I use the Nexus One on 3G while I used the Iphone on EDGE, but on the other hand the WiFi on Iphone was always on, while on Nexus One is off. I also disabled all the widgets and I don’t run any background apps like aim or myspace on the Nexus One.

  2. ty.rant says:

    The battery life is the achilles heel of this phone. The battery does not even last an entire day. The advice that Google suggests for optimizing battery life is laughable, as they advertise this “superphone” to be everything. Why buy the phone if I will still have to use my MP3 player, laptop, or other devices to conserve battery life on the nexus one. Poor form on the part of the creators for sure.

  3. JimS says:

    I think the battery on the Nexus One is better than average. I’ve been putting the phone through its paces for the last several days, using a lot more wifi downloading, music playing, photo taking, Googe Googling etc than I would normally do. The battery has lasted for a full 8-9 hours before needing a recharge. And it’s nice to know I can replace it a year or two from now with a cheapie from eBay.

  4. Jeremy says:

    The battery life is not good at all. Its not horrible, but its something us nexus one users dont like to talk about. And on a side note, the facebook app is absolutely horrible on the nexus one. But its still an amazing phone none the less

  5. Dave says:

    Having just moved up from a g1 (with a seidio extended slim battery), I have to say that battery performance is pretty good.

    It certainly lasts longer than the g1.

    It all depends on the use pattern, but even on active days I can get at least 12 hours if I am careful about GPS and Wifi.

    But, I usually run down pretty quick if I sit around playing some games in the evening.

    This phone is slim enough that an extended battery solution could be workable.

  6. Larry M says:

    So far, the battery life is very disappointing. I’m unable to get a full day with only moderate use. The screen is at its lowest brightness level. I dim the screen immediately after the use. A more powerful battery is essential to the easy of use of this remarkable phone.

  7. Joe Joe says:

    the battery life is awful, an absolute disappointment, i cannot get even 4 hours of use from it without it dying. once again a device that was not throughly tested.

  8. Anna says:

    I am really disappointed with the battery life. I have to carry the charging cable with me so I can make it through the day. I use it less than I did my iPhone but still can’t make it thru a day without supplemental charging. I lived on my iPhone. I love this phone but really hate the short battery.

  9. Graham says:

    I agree – poor battery life – but I nice phone. Based on my experiences with previous HTC phones – the “xda-developer” guys will probably manage to eek a bit more life out of it.

  10. brian milligan says:

    I’ve just got the phone and not impressed with the battery life. To be fair I had Sync, WiFi on all day so will try tomorrow with these switched off. Will also switch to 2G network which should improve things. I do love this phone but it seems a shame you have to switch all these options off which defeats the objective of a SmartPhone. will update again when I’ve experimented more.

  11. brian milligan says:

    OK. After familarising myself with the phone more and the nice power management options. After switching off WiFi, GPS, Sync and BlueTooth the battery performance was damatically improved. I also turned the backlight down to it’s lowest setting: screen quality is so good your don’t need to have it set to light up the room.

    I also change GoogleMail client to refresh manally and switched off background updates on Twidroid.

    Finally I switched over to 2G network although this can be annoying because maps and browser slow down.

    So all in all I am now more pleased with the battery performance.

    Referring to my previous post; yes it’s a shame you have to switch these off but who needs them all the time?

  12. James says:

    It seems to fair well in some cases and not in other cases. Its got a better battery life then other phones I’ve used. The auto screen dimming is cool because that saves a lot of power.

    When I don’t use it for apps during the day (just for phone calls) it can last up to 20hours. Otherwise I get about 8hours.

  13. Chris says:

    Battery life is terrible, less than 24 hours just on standby without even using it.

    I think that poor reception is part of the problem which I believe uses more power so I’m switching to a network with better coverage to see if it helps.

    I’m even thinking about buying a mobile phone with a proper battery life and just using the Nexus as a computer when I need it. My old Nokia 8210 used to last a week between charges and it was tiny. Those were the days.

  14. Sean says:

    Moving from a G1 to the Nexus One the battery is challenging. I have had it die on me after 6 hours. I just purchased a task killer (auto kills tasks) also set gmail and twidroid to manual. Also set phone to 2g. So I I think it will improve the battery life but yes. Very disappointing that after paying over 500 bucks the battery doesn’t last.

  15. Jeffrey A Loe says:

    The battery life is what you would expect for a phone with a processor as fast as it is. If you want speed it has to be powered and unless you hook up a solar panel to the top of your head you’ll just have to live with it.

  16. Ed Hart says:

    Coming from a Blackberry (Pearl, Curve, Bold) to the nexus one, I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the battery life of this phone, I would easily get 12+ hrs from my Bold 9700 with moderate to heavy use, not so with the N1 I usually get about 6 hours of light use on this phone, and about 4 or less under heavy use, of course with the screen dim… etc. I’m gonna buy an extended battery (probably 3200 mah) and see how that works out for me, I really like the Google Superphone, but I feel the battery is its kryptonite, but after spending over a week with it I don’t think I can go back to Blackberry. On a positive note; the battery does last a long time if ya don’t touch it!

  17. Zeeshan says:

    The Nexus battery Life is alright if you know how to conserve it. Unforuntatly for me i have a live wallpaper, wi-fi and brightscreen on the entire time i have the phone on me so the battery drains ridiculously fast it went from 99 to 59 in less than 3 hours . But if you just turn those features off using the power thing

    u can conseve it for more than 9 hours. but its lame so i dont do that lol

  18. Greg says:

    I think some (most) of you are crazy. Disabling WiFi, syncing, and 3G? Completely dimming the screen? Why bother?

    You've obviously got some cash if you have the phone, so get like me and get a desktop and car dock. Mine's always charged.

  19. SoviGuy says:

    Poor, but no a death sentence for the phone. Do the little things (no live wallpaper, low brightness..) and it's fine. turning off 3G is overkill. If worse comes to worst, buy an extra battery and charge both at night, then keep both with during the day for an emergency.
    Great phone. The battery is by no means a handicap. Just be smart about it.

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