Unit Sales Comparison: Nexus One, myTouch, Droid and iPhone 3GS

The Nexus One Google phone has sold 20,000 units in first week since its Jan 5 launch date, which is very good but not good enough.

We spotted over on BGR a very good unit sales comparison against the Google Nexus One phone, MyTouch, Droid and the Apple iPhone 3GS and can clearly see the iPhone beats them all hands down. The part that is confusing is that both the Nexus One and the myTouch 3G handsets are T-Mobile exclusives, so why only 20,000 sales in its first week for the Nexus One and 60,000 for the myTouch?


The first week comparisons show that the Nexus one launched on Jan 5 in one country and sold 20,000 units in week 1 sales, the myTouch launched August 5th 2009 and sold 60,000, the Motorola Droid launched Nov 5th 2009 and sold 250,000, and the iPhone 3GS sold a massive 1,600,000.

Ok the Nexus One, myTouch and the Droid have only launched in one country whereas the iPhone 3GS launched in eight countries. You cannot really compare the sales of the Apple iPhone 3GS to the other handsets but you can say that the other devices should have been sold like the iPhone; yes multiple countries and multiple networks, makes sense really doesn’t it.


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