2010 iPhone 4G: More new rumoured specifications and release dates

The all new iPhone 4G 2010 has some more rumoured specifications floating about and this time the new smartphone will feature an OLED screen, removable battery and support video chat.

There have been many rumours covering the all new iPhone 4G with specs and release dates and apparently features such as the above and PowerVR SGX545 mobile GPU will be included, there have been reports of more powerful graphics and of course a dual-core processor.

We can remember when an OLED was rumoured for the iPhone 3GS but it did not happen, so to see it this year on the new iPhone would be pretty good, the thing is; seeing as the Nexus One Google Phone as an OLED screen do you think Apple will up its game and have something completely different?

Now according to SFGate the new device will have a removable battery, well we cannot see this as Apple has always had a solid case design so why would they change suit now. Apple could have something completely different up its sleeve, we all know they keep some secrets then BANG something new.

Now moving onto release dates, so far there have been reports of the iPhone 4G handset releasing in April, May, June and July, the question is, “Which One?” There was news of the KT Korea June Launch, then what about France Telecom possibly launching it in May.

There will obviously be many more speculations when it comes to this new device that will hopefully release sometime in 2010, and of course we will keep you posted on all the latest news and rumours and of course facts when they become real.

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