Nexus One 3G Problem Troubleshooting Tips for T-Mobile Reps

If you are one of the many Google Nexus One superphone owners who is experiencing the much talked about 3G issue, and being shifted from Google to T-Mobile to HTC and backwards and forwards, you may like to know that T-Mobile has issued a few Nexus One 3G issue troubleshooting tips to their reps.

The guys over at engadget have managed to track down a T-Mobile internal document which states how T-Mobile is going to try and resolve the Nexus One 3G issue and recommend customers start off by resetting the handset.

Apparently exchanging your Nexus One won’t resolve the issue and thus T-Mobile doesn’t recommend that route, but would like people with other 3G handsets to see if they can pick up a 3G signal in said area.

T-Mobile also tells their reps to inform customers that if they use WiFi the 3G icon will not show, and not to transfer customers to HTC as HTC will not be able to resolve the issue. Let’s hope Google pushes out a firmware update as a resolve soon.

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