20K Nexus One Units Sold In First Week

According to compiled data by analytics company Flurry, the Google Nexus One superphone has sold roughly 20,000 handsets in its first week reports an article over on mobile-ent.biz, which means the latest Android handset has sold about 12 times less that the Motorola Droid in its first week.

20k Nexus One units in the first week also is fairly poor when stacked up against the 1.6 million iPhone 3GS handsets sold in its first week which equates to some 80 times less.

Flurry does note that the Nexus One’s singular distribution model makes “apple for apples” comparisons difficult, and says that “the handset has fallen short on sales expectations.”

It could well be that the Nexus One is only being marketed via Google’s website when you consider Verizon Wireless’s marketing strategy for the Droid, and of course the price of over $500 may have something to do with it.

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