Nexus One Phone includes Google Earth App

Now that the Google Nexus One superphone is available and comes packing a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, it makes the Nexus One the most advanced Android smartphone to hit the streets, and one of the best features incorporated into the Nexus One is the Google Earth application reports an article over on taragana.

Not too long ago Google announced they would be bringing Google Earth to the Android platform and now they have with the Nexus One superphone and no doubt more Android handsets will soon be able to grab Google Earth from the Android Market.

If you are used to Google Maps, Google Earth is more a mind blowing application that’s delivers to the Nexus One rendering like your desktop version and includes terrain views, 3D navigation, bird’s eye view, and basically anything you can do with Goggle Earth on your desktop, you can now do on your Nexus One.

So you can see what the Google Earth application works like on the Google Nexus One, we have a short video demo of the application on the Nexus One for your viewing pleasure below, courtesy of the guys over at slashgear, so check it out below.


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