Kodak Files Lawsuits against Apple Over iPhone

It would seem everyone and their aunt is out to take Apple to court over the iPhone. Today we learn from an article over on apple insider that the Eastman Kodak Company has filed a couple of lawsuits over the iPhone infringing Kodak patents.

2 lawsuits have been files in the US District Court for the Western District of New York, one that covers image previewing and processing in different resolutions on the iPhone; the other a patent which enables a computer to “ask for help” from another app to perform certain functions.

The chief intellectual property office and VP of Kodak, Laura G. Quatela, says Kodak has been in negotiations with both Apple and Research In Motion for years in an attempt to reach a resolve, but have not been able to gain a satisfactory agreement.

The lawsuits against Apple with the US International Trade Commission ask the ITC to permanently enjoin Apple from any further infringements and to seek damages.

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