Google Lowers Upgrade Price For Nexus One

If you are not happy with something, complain and get some results. The word is due to the mounting complaints Google has received over the Nexus One upgrade pricing, Google has decided to lower said pricing.

According to an article over on tmonews, Google will give a $100 rebate to any T-Mobile customer who purchased the Nexus One superphone for $379, and any T-Mobile customer wishing to upgrade to the Nexus One from now on will only be charged $279.

Apparently the Google $100 refund for those who upgraded to the Nexus One for $379, will be refunded to the customers Google Checkout account within 14 business days, so keep your eyes open for it.

So there you go, it would seem that if enough customers complain, eventually something good comes of it, and with the complaints of Nexus One 3G coverage and poor customer support, this at least can be seen as a step in the right direction.