50,000 iPhones sold in a day by Vodafone

The fourth carrier in the UK to get the iPhone Vodafone have had a very impressive first day as they have already sold more than 50,000 on the first day alone.

That’s according to the Independent, to get an idea a as to just what that looks like Vodafone sold 30,000 more iPhones in a single day than the Google Nexus One sold in a whole week.

What is actually more interesting is that already in the UK the iPhone is already being sold by Orange and 02 and Tesco. The comments in the Independent state that there had been fears the group would see customers move to rival operators as a result.

Everyone wrongly predicted that customers would leave, these sales figures have proved just how wrong they were. One thing is for sure that Vodafone’s initial success with the iPhone demonstrates that each and every additional carrier does matter to Apple. Source – mashable.com

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