Security on smartphones on the increase

Smartphone security is on the up and is the next big thing. Future smartphones are going to come preloaded with antivirus software clients to prevent the loss of important data.

Data that could be lost to malware, great news for those that use their mobiles for banking and various person to person payments, as these will now be authenticated by fingerprint sensors.

Although we know that malware has been seen in mobile handsets previously is hasn’t actually done that much damage that’s according to ABI research Vice president Stan Schatt. That aside, smartphones have more and more access to very important and sensitive data and security must be tightened to prevent loss or theft of important business information.

The solution is quite simple a security client software loaded on a mobile terminal which acts as a business service and will remotely lock a handset erase its data or locate it. The Apple iPhone includes Find My Phone feature that allows MobileMe customers to track their iPhone remotely via a web interface and see its location as it is then displayed on a Google Map. Source – pcworld.com