Battling it out price war starts with Verizon and AT&T

A price war has just begun in the wireless industry as both Verizon Wireless and Dallas based AT&T Inc traded cuts on some of their current monthly plans.

According to a report by Reuters, Verizon Wireless the largest US mobile service provider said that it would e cutting prices 30 % for voice customers. Subsequently following Verizon’s announcement of the price cuts its main rival AT&T announce med similar cuts.

Verizon has cut the monthly price for unlimited voice minutes on a single line from $99.99 to just $69.99, or on a single line with unlimited voice, text, video and photo messaging the plan will fall from $119.99 to $89.99.

In order to qualify for the new rates all customers have to do is to contact their cell phone carriers and both companies have stated that an extension of contract is not going to be required. Source – redorbit.com


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  1. Contented says:

    Unlimited airtime is available thru Verizon and Straight talk at $45.00pm and if you couple this with an LH100C phone which is a reliable workhorse of a phone at $29.99 you will have a really good deal

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