More than a superphone LG GW990

The smartphone market is full of surprises at the moment first Google launched the Nexus One which it called a superphone and now LG the south Korean electronics major has taken the meaning of superphone to another level.

They have unveiled the GW990 which boasts a powerful processor and a giant display. The question is though is it capable of taking on Nexus One and the iPhone.

This is a revolutionary device with a massive display of 4.8, which is bigger than both the iPhone and the Nexus One. When it was showcased at CES in Las Vegas a LG representative comfortably demonstrated that it can run at least three apps side by side without any hiccups.

The LG GW990 is powered by Intel’s Moorestown processor, which is an energy efficient version of Intel’s Atom processor that powers mini laptop computers and net books. The clock speed of the processor is not yet determined, however it is expected to be at least 1Ghz in order to match or better Qualcomm’s snapdragon that is used ion the Nexus One. Source – ibtimes.co.in


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  1. David Yenni says:

    Dear Friends, I would appreciate if you could advise the launch date for LG GW990 in Europe and if it would have an unlocked version. Best regards. David Yenni

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