Google Nexus One Video: Built in Applications Walkthrough

Just so you can gain as much information as possible on the Google Nexus One superphone, we have for your viewing pleasure a video covering the Nexus One built in applications, courtesy of the guys over at pocket now.

The 10:25 minutes video which can be viewed below covers the basic Nexus One apps such as Calendar and Contacts, and also goes into voice recognition capabilities and the 3D photo gallery.

They also note there is no real quick way to dial a contact using the Nexus One number pad unlike Windows Mobile; however the user can place shortcuts to those contacts they call most often onto one of the homescreens.

Still, you don’t really want me to rattle on telling you about it all, you’d much rather just hit up the video below and check it out for yourselves, so I will leave you to it…enjoy.

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