Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak Tries Out Nexus One

When you are the cofounder of Apple, you know, the Apple that has the iPhone, well you’d expect said cofounder to keep their elegance to Apple products right? Well yes Steve Wozniak hasn’t abandoned the iPhone just yet.

According to an article over on nbcbayarea, Steve Wozniak contacted them to clear up a little misunderstanding, and that is he hasn’t simply abandoned the iPhone but is only trying out the Nexus One.

Apparently Wozniak, while on the set of Class Action said that his favourite gadget is “the latest one, it’s a non-Apple product, it’s one that just came out yesterday,” which was taken as a reference to Google’s latest Android superphone the Nexus One.

Wozniak has indeed purchased a Nexus One, but he also has a Motorola Droid and also not one but two iPhone handsets and sometimes uses a BlackBerry. However Wozniak still says his main phone is still the iPhone.

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