Nexus One and iPhone 3GS Cost is Cheaper than Droid

The other day the Nexus One superphone material costs where put up by iSupply, and now they have done the same for the Motorola Droid which show the Motorola Droid material costs with manufacturing comes out at $187.75.

Of that $187.75, manufacturing the Motorola Droid is $8.64, giving a materials cost of $179.11, and like other breakdowns doesn’t include software, licensing fees, accessories and of course advertising.

However, what it does show is that it is more expensive to produce the Motorola Droid than the iPhone 3GS which has a material cost of $178.96, and likewise the Google Nexus One which has a material cost of $174.15.

Make you want to go grab the Motorola Droid rather than the Nexus One or iPhone? No, I didn’t think so, but it is interesting to see that when broken down the Motorola Droid cost more than the king of smartphones and the Android prince.

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