Cool for now the Google Nexus One but for how long

It is a great phone nobody can really argue against them, but nothing really ab9out the new Google Nexus One that everybody is talking about comes close to warranting the hysteria that is it causing.

It isn’t revolutionary at all, nor is it an iPhone killer as it has been called. Instead it is just a nice sleek phone running Google’s Android operating system, with some advancements in display and processor technology that is sure to be matched.

Of course there is evolving competition between Apple, Google, Microsoft and research in motion RIM, which is really great to watch. And of course Google’s Nexus One can only be bought directly from the company on the internet and has the potential to shake up how phones are being sold.

We would expect that Motorola may well be feeling a little threatened by this as they committed to using Android for all its smartphones and now has to compete with its powerful partner. Source – businessweek.com


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  1. Well the Nexus One has a gorgeous display, a lightning-fast processor, and a loaded feature set. The enhanced voice capabilities worked flawlessly, and the phone delivers solid performance.But the bad thing is like other Android phones, the Nexus One forces you to store apps on the internal memory. The media player remains average and it’s missing some wanted features like multi touch support, dual-mode capability for GSM and CDMA networks, and hands-free Bluetooth dialing. Currently, Outlook calendar syncing is not available.Ne ways i will keep looking around for more reviews.

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