Google Nexus One Videos: Questions Requests and Answers

Couple of informative videos for our readers today concerning the Google Nexus One superphone courtesy of John over at droid dog, and these are the first in a series of videos he’ll be posting on the Nexus One.

In the videos, John answers questions and fulfils requests regarding the latest Android smartphone from Google and HTC, the Nexus One.

John answers such questions as does the Nexus One come with HTC Sense keyboard or can it be installed, the answer is no, the Nexus One comes with a standard Android keyboard but uses speech to text. Do all screens work in portrait and landscape is another question.

I could list all the Nexus One questions and answers here, but them there wouldn’t be much point in viewing the videos, so I’ll let you hit up those videos now and get those answers for yourselves…enjoy.

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