HTC Touch Pro will get Windows Mobile 6.5 by March

Sprint have promised that it will give users of its HTC Touch Pro2 an upgrade for free to the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

The upgrade will be to Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro but may take a few months before it is readily available. The smartphone released last year had version 6.1 and an upgrade will give users some new features including some that are specific to Sprint’s version.

A statement on the carriers support website states that the upgrade will not only provide updates to the Windows Mobile Platform but also some significant enhancements to the Touch Pro 2 user interface.

These enhancements will allow additional customization and personalization options and some more integration with the applications that users seem to access most of the time. At the moment all Sprint are saying is that it will be released in the first quarter of the year. For further information visit brighthand.com

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