Video: Google Nexus One Martial Arts Unboxing

Yes, well, can’t say that today we have a traditional unboxing video of the Nexus One superphone, far from it, I’d have to say this particular Nexus One unboxing is one of the most unusual ones I have seen.

Coming away from the usual tech droning on about what’s inside the box and giving us a rundown of the usual wares found inside, this unboxing video attacks the Nexus One from a different angle, and I do mean attacks.

The Nexus One unboxing video which can be viewed below courtesy of the guys over at engadget has us watch small ninjas chop violently away at the Nexus One packaging to discover the gear inside.

If nothing else, the video is worth the watch to see how cleverly it has been done, but if you are looking to learn a little about the Nexus One you won’t find it this rather humorous little video unboxing, but it does make a change from the norm…enjoy.

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