Motorola vs. VTech Patent Dispute Resolved

The legal battle between Motorola and VTech has apparently been resolved as both enter into a settlement and licensing agreement which will put an end to the pending patent litigation in the Eastern District court of Texas reports an article over on trading markets.

It appears that the rule of the day is everyone sues everyone over patents in the mobile industry what with Apple and Nokia going at it, Kodak suing Apple, and BlackBerry, at least the Motorola vs. VTech has now been put to rest.

The exact terms of the settlement between Motorola and VTech are confidential and related to 6 Motorola patents asserted against VTech. Motorola has said though that “VTech’s license consideration is consistent with Motorola’s intellectual property licensing program.”

So basically that means Motorola and VTech have agreed on some kind of settlement but aren’t saying what that settlement included in detail.

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